DIY Charcoal Grill | Complete Walkthrough and Inspiration


For the DIY enthusiast who loves beautiful outdoor grilling, building your own large charcoal grill could be the ideal next home project.

Make your own charcoal grill

While buying a pre-built grill might be the way to go, there’s a lot to be said for a DIY setup.

Unlike traditional store-bought steel designs, a brick charcoal grill will last for years.

Where steel grills can quickly wear out and burn, brick appliances are built to last.

They are also easy to clean and, most importantly, easy to set up.

This step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to build the grill that’s right for you and show you the tools that make life so much easier.

Note: These instructions are for a U-shaped grill that is designed with an outer U-cup and an inner U-cup.

Mark the foundations

First, decide where you want your grill to be. Please note a few things here.

Stay clear of obvious fire hazards such as tree branches or woodpiles. Also keep yourself away from gas or electricity transmission lines.

Also consider how much space you need around the grilling area. While you may not need space behind the grill, you do need to consider the areas immediately in front of and to the side of the grill.

Mark out a 50″ x 50″ area for the base of your grill unit.

Shovel the soil away from the foundation marks to create an area about six inches deep. Be sure to remove any rocks or debris left over from the excavation.

Use a spirit level to ensure the exposed floor is level.

Note: This grill has two sections. The first section is U-shaped, the inner section fits into the U.


Mix your phase reinforced cement according to the instructions provided.

Pour into the foundation area and use a trowel to smooth the concrete surface evenly.

Pro Tip: For the side of the foundation that WILL sit on the back of the grill unit, aim for a slightly higher concrete surface. This allows rainwater or excess fat to run off the grill.

Let the bases dry overnight.

Soak your stones overnight. This will help act as an adhesive for the bricks and concrete.

Mark with string

Using string, create a square in the concrete surface, leaving a 2-inch perimeter of the overlapping concrete.

Lay the bricks

Time to start laying the bricks. Starting at the back of the grilling area, try to leave about a half inch of grout space between each brick.

With the aforementioned 2-inch circumference step on each side, the length of the back of the grill should be 46 inches long.

Walk to one side of your grill. Continue to leave a half-inch space between each brick for grout. For both sides of the U shape, we want them to be 32 inches.

Repeat for the other side to finish the first layer of the U shape . Lay the second layer of bricks on top of the first.

Once you beat the second level, take this opportunity to check with your spirit level. When the layer is level, proceed to assemble the grill.

Apply the grout

Mix your chosen concrete according to the instructions provided.

Remove foundation stones. Divide a layer of concrete on the lines provided. Lay down the first layer of bricks so they can stick to the concrete.

Apply the concrete to the half-inch gaps between the bricks. Check regularly that the bricks are level.

Pro tip: Gently tap each stone as you pass it. This will help shake off the rubble without disturbing the other bricks and will help the concrete level out evenly.

Continue this process until all of the bricks are laid in a U-shape and the desired height of the unit is achieved. Leave to dry overnight.

Start the inner section

When the outer layer is done we can move on to the inner layer.

Start with the inner part or the grill pit by placing a row of stones on the inner walls of the U-shaped part and checking that they are level.

Apply the concrete as in the first section, then continue to build up the layers until you’ve covered three quarters of the outside wall.

Store Bought DIY BBQ Kits

Store Bought DIY BBQ Kits

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