How to Build a Cold Smoker

Would you like to grill fish and cheese in your garden? Learn how to build a DIY cold smoker with our step-by-step guide.

Cold smoke on the grill

Looking for a way to build a smoke cooler? Let’s start by defining what cold smoking is before explaining the small details. Cold smoking is all about introducing flavors into food with minimal heat.

Cold smoking introduces smoke and fumes into the meat, so it is important to ensure that the wood being smoked is safe and gives a pleasant flavor. A colder smoker will help you create smoked meats that are easy to use as cured meats. Today we’re going to look at how YOU can build a cold smoker yourself.

cold smoked salmon hanging over low heat

How to keep temperatures down in a smoke colder

The presence of smoke indicates some combustion. Also how do you have a heat source to create smoke while maintaining low temperatures? The goal is to keep temperatures below 30°C(85°F).

It is important to keep the room temperature below 40 degrees to balance the heat inside the smoker with the cold temperatures outside. You can maintain the temperature by placing an aluminum drip tray filled with ice in the smokebox. Make sure it is placed between the combustion chamber and the food.

The ideal time for cold smoking is during the cold months of the year. But if you want to do it at another time, you need to keep the temperature down. You can do this by opening the intake flap and chimney about half an inch.

Materials and tools

Building your cold smoker is an easy task that can be completed in an afternoon, with different versions you can build. Some can be used for cheese, bacon, and other meats. The amount of time you need to use the smoker also determines how sturdy it needs to be.

First, let’s look at a smoker best suited for fast food, like smoked cheddar or gouda. The tools YOU will need for this include a soldering iron, an empty can and granules for grilling. To use the can, open it three quarters. You need the lever to hold the soldering iron.

The soldering iron is probably the only thing you need to buy as a new tool. The reason for getting a new one IS so YOU ​​don’t contaminate your food with possible residue on an old soldering iron. Make sure what you get is food safe and doesn’t have any paint or coating that could be potentially harmful.

With these tools you can use your new cold smoker on your grill. The first thing to do is make sure the can IS open and the lid IS on. Then make a hole in the lid.

Next, add the granules to the dose, making sure they fill the dose about one-third full. Then tilt the can and make sure the lid is closed. Now position the soldering iron so that the hot tip stays on the pellets when the can is on its side. 

Once that IS done, SHE can now place it on the grill along with the foods YOU wish to smoke. Close the lid and stay away from the power cord. You can use this handy smoker for up to an hour before you need to refill the pellets.

For other smokers that can last for hours, you’ll need wooden boards(a box can work just as well), nails, a hammer, a rack, a drill, a hook to hang your meat, and one of the essentials is a smoke generator, cold smoke , and pellets

What YOU want to create for the frame is some kind of box, so an old box on the side with the front open will do. Then make a hole at the top and sides. This way YOU can later create a shelf inside the box as well as a place to hang your meat. 

On the bottom of the box, SHE can place the cold smoke generator, which in the document is a metal bowl with a zigzag pattern. This is where you place the pellets that will create the smoke you need. The generator must also have enough space underneath to turn it on and for the smoke from the pellets or sawdust to rise well. 

Once you’ve got everything set up, make sure the box is closed so that too much smoke doesn’t escape. The holes in the box are for ventilation, don’t let all the smoke out the front. 

Cold Smoker vs Hot 

The difference between cold and hot smoking is that in cold smoking, flavor IS infused with the smoke . During hot smoking, the food is flavored and cooked at the same time. The cheese would melt if hot smoked, but it works great with cold smoked. 

Cold smoking provides food with flavor through low, controlled temperatures. That is why it goes well with foods such as cheese and fish that do not require overcooking. Cold smoking is incredibly useful for preserving food by using smoke to dry food from moisture and introduce antibacterial properties. The smoke is pressed through a chamber for up to 48 hours. Once this is done, there is no longer a need for a refrigerator. 

Hot smokers cook the food, so they work well for red meat and foods that require cooking. Use higher temperatures than cold smoking. You can taste the smoke better when you hot smoke your food, and it also makes the food tastier, juicier and more tender.

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