How to Clean a Pellet Grill


Take care of your grill and it will take care of you. Learn how to properly clean your Pellet Smoker Grill with our step-by-step guide.

Clean pellet grill

Pellet grills are a common choice for people looking for a smoky flavor in their food. But how do you keep it clean? In this article we take a look at how to clean a pellet grill.

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The best way to clean a pellet grill

Lighting the grill can be something to look forward to. The delicious views in front of you are more than enough to inspire you. But after using a pellet grill, the prospect of cleaning it up can be daunting.

Most grills are made of non-stick material. This is made possible by the non-stick coating. It must be held in such a way that the meat does not stick to the grates while cooking. This can be particularly useful when cooking meats such as fish, which are delicate and break easily if not handled properly. That’s why you need to know how to properly clean your pellet grill.

Stay away from abrasive cleaning products and methods. Anything that will scratch your grill grates should be removed from your list of cleaning supplies. Look for materials and cleaning products that can quickly remove dirt and grease. Now let’s look at the steps to cleaning your grill.

You will need to partially disassemble the grill. This means YOU have to remember to remove removable components to have multiple spots to clean the grill. If possible, remove the lid so you can clean it separately. Once the cooking cavity is practically read, you can start cleaning the walls. It is best to clean it inside and out at the same time. 

Then clean the lid with a spatula or anything that can remove accumulated dirt without hardening the surfaces. When finished, empty the grill and any large leftover food on the grill. Then you can start with the grill doors. Be sure to reach all nooks and crannies of the cooking cavity.

Your spatula is one of your best tools for this exercise. It’s WILL help YOU reach a hard-to-reach spot. Also remember to clean the chimney, thermometer and fat duct. Anywhere the smoke is coming through is probably dirty and needs cleaning. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the thick and most important parts.

To clean the outside of the grill, use a similar non-abrasive material and detergent to easily remove dirt. Also clean the drip tray and fire pit at the same time so you can return all parts clean. When all the parts are clean enough, you can reassemble the grill. 

How to clean the grates of a pellet grill

The grill grates on your pellet grill are designed not to stick when cleaning, so it’s important not to scratch the doors. In order for you to clean them properly and efficiently, you need to remove them from the grill. This way you can also clean the underlying and hidden parts.

Before attempting to clean the doors, make sure they are fully reached. This is how you avoid burns. You can soak the grill doors in dish soap. The detergent gently lifts the grease and grime(if it’s a good one) so there’s no need to physically scrape it off. The water will also help lift any residue that may be stuck in the grill doors.

Some grill doors are dishwasher safe. If yours are, you can wash them in the dishwasher. You can do the die before cooking. If YOU want to clean the doors after cooking while it’s still hot, set the grill to the highest temperature. Let the heat melt dirt and grease for you. Be careful with this method and make sure you don’t burn yourself.

Let the grill burn for about 15 minutes and let any leftover food melt. As the grease and food debris melt, it becomes easier to clean. At this point you can clean the grill doors with soap and water and non-abrasive brushes and materials.

How often should you clean a pellet grill?

At some point you will need to clean your pellet grill. The question is how often should you do this? Cleaning is a personal choice, and that’s why some people vacuum their home every day, while others only find it necessary twice a week. How often you clean your grill depends on how often you use it. Clean is ideally after each use. This prevents the collection of grease and dirt and subsequent heavy scrubbing and scraping.

If there is an ash tray, it should be emptied regularly. You can clean the grease drip tray every two weeks, but you can also clean it after each use so you don’t revive flavors from geometric cooking. If you don’t like frequent cleaning of the drip tray, you can save yourself the stress by placing aluminum foil on the drip tray.

Pellet grill cleaner/degreaser

There are several ways to remove grease and dirt. One of them, as mentioned above, is the use of water and dish soap. Any detergent that can remove grease and dirt can help you clean effectively. You can also use a brush or scraper strong enough to remove debris without damaging the grill. A plastic spatula can also do an equally good job.

You can also use non-abrasive cloths and nitrile gloves. The tools you use will depend on the type of dirt you want to remove and how long it’s been there. Ultimately, the final decision is yours, but we hope this article will help you clean your pellet grill a little better.

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