Prime Rib vs Ribeye


What are the characteristics of Prime Rib compared to Ribeye? Knowing the difference between different cuts of meat unless you are a butcher or meat connoisseur can be difficult. They have their differences, and you can choose one over the other. 

smoked rib eye steak

How do you differentiate them? Prime rib and ribeye are coveted cuts of beef . They are cuts of meat of the highest quality with excellent taste.

In the article we take a look at prime rib vs ribeye and what makes the cuts different and different. We take a look at which part of the cow they come from, the flavor they bring to the table, as well as some of the best ways to cook them that bring out the special flavors. let’s dig, okay?

Sliced ​​ribs

What is rib?

Prime rib is a huge, juicy piece of meat that comes from the cow’s rib section(called prime rib ). It can hold anywhere from two to seven ribs, giving you plenty of options in terms of the size of ribs you want to cook.

It is also known by the name of the upright rib. This is because it is sometimes effectively cooked “standing” on the ribs to prevent the meat from making contact with the pan. The emphasis on the rib is one of the characteristics that distinguishes the smoked prime rib from the ribeye, which has no bone and is presented only as a steak.

Prime rib is often considered a holiday meat, making it ideal for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I’d say it’s great all winter and an underrated cut of meat for smoking in the summer.

Anyway, that’s a meat statement for sure. A large cut of prime rib can be the centerpiece of your table, with the meat sitting juicy on the bone.

It’s usually available as a ribeye, but it’s more expensive, tender, and big enough to justify the price.

Where does the rib come from?

The main rib, as the name suggests, comes from the middle of the cow’s main rib area and is severed from the sixth to the twelfth rib cage bone. It’s a great cut of beef, often served on the bone. It is also the best part of the cow’s rib section.

Why is it called a “primary” rib? Well, when beef IS cut, it’s usually done in eight sections, called the primary sections . Each of these cuts is then sent to butchers, traders or manufacturers for further slaughter.

Cow ribs are wonderfully tender and meaty(just look at the size of some of our beef rib recipes). The main reason for this is the large section of marbled meat in the middle of the main rib, also called the “eye”. When grilling or roasting, this section is moist and rich in flavor.

How does ribs taste?

Thanks to the rich fat content and marbling around the cow’s rib cage, prime rib is often considered the tastiest cut of meat.

Because of this, grilled or broiled ribs are extremely tender and have a strong beef flavor. Since it’s cooked on the bone, it also means the flavor is quite robust and strong. When smoked slowly for five or six hours, it cooks in its own juice and locks in the flavor.

Where to buy ribs

Prime ribs can be purchased at some high-end stores, but they may be sold as “foot roast” or “rib roast on the bone.” However, your best option is to go to your local butcher, where you are more likely to get a better quality cut with more marbling.

How to cook rib eye steak

Prime rib is a thick cut of meat. This means it will take more cooking time to cook depending on how you like your meat. The thickness of the meat also means you need to cook it slowly to ensure it cooks properly from start to finish.

Prime rib performs best with a slow cooking method and delayed hours. This makes it a great candidate for grilling. Slow, even cooking over long periods of time is the optimal condition for smoking meat. 

The thickness of this cut tells you that you can’t fry it quickly. A slow, constant temperature grill will work. This also helps bring out the already excellent flavor of the meat.

Rib eye

Ribeye is a succulent part of the cow, juicy and full of flavor. This juicy cut of steak is easy to throw on the grill and quick to cook. It’s easier to cook than ribs and more economical. It is high in marbled fat and the pieces are smaller, especially when compared to ribs.

Where does the rib eye come from?

This cut of beef comes from the beef rib range . That’s one of the reasons why ribeye and prime rib look so similar. Ribeye, however, has more meat and fewer bones. If you look at it, it’s a steak.

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How does Ribeye taste?

The extra marbling in the ribeye gives it a smooth texture and smooth taste. The taste is milder than the rib. Regardless of how much effort you put in, the rib still has a lot more flavor than a ribeye. It has extensive marbling compared to prime ribs. However, the texture is harder than rib cuts. Ribeye is boneless and is often described as boneless. The marbling makes for a great steak that just needs searing. 

How much?

Rib eye is cheaper than prime rib. It’s usually smaller than ribeye, but even if it’s the same size, it looks like rib but is still a cheaper cut per kg. 

How to cook rib eye

Ribeye doesn’t need as much cooking time as ribs. You can simply sear the ribeye on a stovetop or grill and cook it however you like. Ribeye works well at medium to high temperatures, which is done quickly on the grill. 

This is one of those cuts of meat that doesn’t take long to cook. A few minutes is enough, which means you can put it on the grill while your guests wait. 

One last thing

Both types of meat are very tasty and very popular. The differences between the two will determine how YOU prepare them and also help you know what to expect on your plate. The quality of the meat is superb and you will enjoy it in every way. 

The bottom line here is if you want a festive looking cut, go for the prime rib, but be prepared to spend more time cooking in the kitchen. If you’re looking for a ribeye steak, this offers a similar flavor but is smaller.

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