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Drum smokers don’t have to be cheap. Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco offers excellent heat retention and airflow control, all in a compact drum cooker.

oklahoma joe bronco bbq rotisserie review

Oklahoma Joe Bronco is a 2-in-1 drum smoker that is used for both grilling and smoking. It is the best smoker as it is made of very durable materials, detachable grates, sealed lid and charcoal tray. It manages to control the heat and hold the heat for a long time. FIND A more detailed overview of the smoker grill, its pros and cons, and some tips on how YOU can use it wisely and keep it safe.

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  • The unique airflow control system and sealed lid allow for precise temperature management
  • Grill grate and meat hanger allow individual smoking settings
  • The oversized charcoal basket holds enough fuel to grill all day

Air Flow Control System

The grill features a unique airflow control system. Its quality and function are unquestionable as it delivers what you want. It is suitable for both beginners and experts when it comes to grilling and smoking meat. Airflow is controlled by the side flap, which determines the amount of air entering the unit. You can increase or decrease the airflow to a desired amount that is good enough for your food. Proper ventilation controls how food is cooked. More vents mean more heat and the charcoal will start burning faster. The type of charcoal also determines how much heat you get.

Oklahoma Joe Bronco Drum Smoker Cooking Grills

Sealed Lid

The main purpose of this lid is to control both heat and smoke more precisely. The sealed lid not only helps control the temperature, but also helps preserve the original flavor of the meat as well as any added flavors. Your food will not lose the authentic flavor that is good for grilled and smoked foods. This smoky aroma and flavor makes the device popular and attracts many users. The sealed lid traps heat inside, so your food is cooked to perfection from all sides of the grill. What makes you want to put the lid on or not depends on the size of the meat you’re curing or curing. Massive cuts require more heat and the lid seals and closes tightly.

Movable Grate and Large Wheels

The grid can be moved so you can position it however you like. It gives you room to customize all settings in a personal way. The wheels are huge and shaped like wagon wheels which allow the grill to be quite mobile. You can take it anywhere according to your mood, occasion and preferences. What makes it versatile is the fact that it easily converts into a charcoal grill, made possible by the wheels on the cart. In some cases there are hotter or colder spots and YOU should move the grill back and forth to ensure all parts of your food are exposed to the same heat.

Oklahoma Joe Bronco Open Top Smoker with Roast Beef

Meat Hangers

Meat hangers allow you to position your meat however you like. The meat has enough room to get hot enough without exposing other parts to the heat. In some cases where you don’t want to mix different meats, you can easily set up sections. No hooks are provided, so you can hang any type of meat. Not only does it come with meat stirrups, it also comes with a cooking grate. If you choose the cooking grate, you can hang your meat hangers neatly and efficiently on the sidebar. You can move them continuously when checking your food.

Oversized Charcoal Basket

The basket is spacious enough to hold enough fuel for the whole day. You’re not just limited to charcoal if you’re willing to use it. You have the option to choose any type of fuel that is easily available to you, such as: B. Firewood or lump charcoal. A larger charcoal basket is able to pull out tender and flavorful food that has been covered with smoke for a long time. It is also able to have a large holding capacity of good charcoal that can last up to ten or more hours. Keeps grill walls clean, gives food indirectly heat allowing food to cook evenly without burning.

Temperature Gauge

The temperature indicator ensures that you have enough heat for your meat. It alerts you when the heat is getting too hot to hold so you can take immediate action. The sealed lid also controls the temperature. These two work hand in hand to determine the overall temperature. It glows in the dark in a special way, which is kind of fancy. It is durable and reliable in the way it holds heat for a long time. There’s no room for inconvenience as YOU can smoke and grill your meat until done and staying hot.

Easy to Clean

It is easy to clean as you can easily remove the ashtray. You can also quickly throw away the mess after grilling. The components are porcelain-coated, which is another advantage when it comes to cleaning. The chance of parts rusting is low due to the coating. Grilling and smoking creates a lot of mess. All that excess grease and food that falls off the grill will need to be cleaned up later. In this case, you do not have to laboriously get out the asian, mobile grill and meat hangers. This needs to be done lightly so you don’t leave dirty particles inside.


Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco is made of heavy gauge steel that is quite durable. As heavy as it is, the steel construction ensures the grill stays on longer than expected. The installation also makes it easy to regulate the temperature, since bright accents are set at night. This material WILL be used to make the temperature gauge for easy monitoring. Since there is a lot of heating and cooling, there is a high risk that the grill will wear out in a short time. However, this can be avoided by using steel, which works well with heat. Heat can be destructive when it’s too much to hold, but this smoker can withstand heat and rain when left outside.

Handle Grip

The handle is made of rubber. It lies well in the hand and is non-slip. You may be wondering how you will hold the grip due to the heat. This has been fixed. It doesn’t absorb heat as it stays cold. One might think of using towels if the handle could absorb the heat. Towels can burn easily, which means you’ll burn yourself too. Burns are pretty frustrating when you can easily avoid them. Your hands and fingers need to stay safe. Otherwise, YOU won’t be able to grill or smoke for weeks or more. The cooling system is a necessity, not a luxury.

Usability Tips

  • You can have a cover to keep your smoker clean and dry
  • Some straps are handy for securing the grill.
  • A triple grid allows you to prepare a variety of dishes at the same time
  • A rasp is great for removing the rust easily.
  • The skewers are very flexible and allow you to have the best experience of grilling and smoking food.

How to Clean

You need to remove the grease cap from the hole in the bottom of the smoker, remove the cup, and clean up the mess. After a period of time, you can decide to clean the fountain. They use a hose to wash it off. Don’t worry about the water as it will come out at the bottom with no problem.

Final Verdict

Choosing the Oklahoma Joe Bronco is the best decision you can make as it comes packed with the best features that deliver impressive performance. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU CAN HAVE FOR A SPECIFIC TIME PERIOD. The aromas of your food are retained to a large extent, regardless of whether you grill or smoke your food. Though it’s hard, it’s for a good cause. Of course, YOU should refill the charcoal after ten hours because the heat will drop over time if you’re not done, which usually happens when you have a lot of food to cook.

  • The unique airflow control system and sealed lid allow for precise temperature management
  • Grill grate and meat hanger allow individual smoking settings
  • The oversized charcoal basket holds enough fuel to grill all day

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