Char Broil Performance 4-Burner [REVIEWED & RATED]


Char-Broil has always watched made propane grills for newbie grillers and smokers alike, and their Performance Series stands out as their best yet. What makes this gas grill so popular? Find out with our Char-Broil performance test.

Charcoal grill on a large patio

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The Char-Broil Performance Series brought easy gas grilling to the masses with their easy -to -use 4-burner line of grills. Equipped with side burners, drip pan, cast iron grids and large cooking area, there’s a lot to love here.

We have used this propane grill for hours to ensure we have every square inch of detail to give you the best possible rating.

Let’s take a closer look.

  • Your purchase includes a Char-broil | Performance Series liquid propane gas grill nope…
  • Grill Dimensions: 24.5″D x 53.1″W x 45″H | Main Cooking Area: 23″W x 18.5″D |…
  • Exclusive stainless steel finish for style and durability | Without infrared grill

Much of the conventional wisdom about gas versus charcoal cooking says that propane grills don’t offer the same grilling experience as charcoal grills. This unit proves that this is not always the case.

The Char-Broil Performance is a reliable grill that packs a punch for its price and offers a generous 660 square inches of grilling area. The 4 burner unit offers excellent value for money while delivering decent performance and excellent heat retention. It’s a free grill for anyone who wants to cook up a feast quickly and easily.


One of my most important considerations when comparing grills is size. Both performance and ease of use are important, but when it comes to outdoor cooking I like being able to carry a lot of groceries at once. Maybe it’s the eminent caterer in me, but I like to feel like I can branch out quickly.

Thank you, this Char-Broil grill has an area of ​​​​500 square inches, which is more than enough for most of your grills. When the adjacent side burner and drying rack are combined, the total cooking area is 660 square inches.

Char Broil Performance large cooking grates large

Energy and Heat

Now for the meaty stuff. The heating capacity for half gas grills in BTU, that is. roughly speaking, a measure of its thermal efficiency. The best gas grills have between 80 and 100 BTUs per square inch of grilling surface.

Where to put that char broil grill? Well, that’s good news, because with 36,000 BTUs in 500 square inches of grilling space, this grill sits firmly on this mount.

However, performance is not just about performance. It is also extremely fuel efficient. I’ve always been a fan of porcelain coated cooking grates as this coating helps elements to spread the heat evenly across the cooking surface. I’ve found this to be helpful for longer cooks(ie not just browning) as it also greatly reduces occurrences, unevenness and cold spots on the grill.

It also has a nice side burner which I use to brown food after it’s been cooked on the main grill. This one has around 10,000 BTUs, which is pretty strong for a side burner. What I like about it is that it helps give you a fuller grilling experience, allowing YOU to grill at consistent temperatures on the main grill and then top things off with a quick browning on the side burner.

Part of the appeal of gas grills is their navigation, so they should also be quick and easy to start. I’m happy to say that Char-Broil Performance has an electronic ignition system that has never let me down. Every time you use it, it only takes a few seconds to get going, even in windy and rainy weather!


The Performance’s main cooking surface is 475 square inches, which compares well to similar models like the Weber Performer Deluxe. Char-Broil claims this is enough for 20 burgers. I’m a little skeptical and would be closer to 10-15(I like to leave plenty of space between the meat).

Factoring in the side burner, this cooking area improves quickly, totaling 660 square inches.

The four burners are made of stainless steel and covered with porcelain-enamelled grates. The combination of these two provides excellent durability and heat retention. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the performance’s relatively low price might mean poor heat efficiency, but that’s not the case at all here.

Char-Broil Performance takes the flame out by offering a one-touch system that lights the grill at the touch of a button.

These types of systems are sometimes less reliable than they appear, but in the case of performance, I haven’t had any such issues. Not only that, even in wind or rain, it did its job flawlessly.

Hidden Char-Broil Performance wheels that add mobility and style to the grill. While portability can be an important feature for many people, it is definitely something to consider if you value the ability to store your grill or place it anywhere in your yard.

Ample storage space is provided by the fully enclosed closet. The silver finish gives it more glamor and will definitely bring you a mesmerizing BBQ experience. The dimensions are 56″L x 21″W x 44.4″H which is great compared to competing grills on the market. The weight of this grill is just under 108 pounds.

People can use this gas grill for a variety of uses. For example, it is great for outdoor grilling and almost any type of cooking activity all year round. You can take it outside your house and cook with your friends or family. You can even host outdoor parties while preparing delicious dishes. If you want to cook a large amount of food in a short amount of time, this is one of the best options available to you. That’s the main reason why people use it when grilling.

Cleaning up after the BBQ is pretty much the bane of my BBQ existence. Grills are notorious for leaking meat, which can cause crusting in the fat that collects inside the grill. It’s disgusting and also a pain to lose from him.

Thanks, drain pans to catch that drain will be used again and again and this grill has one too. In addition, the tray is removable so you can take it off the grill and clean it separately.


This stainless steel Char-Broil Performance 4 burner is the perfect addition to your patio, lawn or outdoor space. Equipped with a 40,000 BTU cooking system that offers powerful heat and power, this grill includes a 10,000 BTU side burner that allows you to comfortably cook an entire meal outdoors.

The Char-Broil features porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates to give you juicy burgers and meaty ribs. It is equipped with heavy-duty castors so you can easily move and reposition the grill on your patio. For weekend cookouts, parties and special meals with friends and family, it’s an official grill YOU can have nearby.

Final verdict

The Char-Broil Performance 475 4 burner packs a decent amount of features for its price. With a powerful 10,000 BTU side burner, powerful heat burners, and beautiful stainless steel construction, there’s a lot packed into a compact space.

  • Your purchase includes a Char-broil | Performance Series liquid propane gas grill nope…
  • Grill Dimensions: 24.5″D x 53.1″W x 45″H | Main Cooking Area: 23″W x 18.5″D |…
  • Exclusive stainless steel finish for style and durability | Without infrared grill

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