Weber Spirit E-310 [REVIEWED & RATED]


The Weber Spirit E310 is one of the best budget grills out there right now. Find out everything you need to know about its performance, durability and quality in our in-depth review.

weber spirit 310 review

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Looking to upgrade your family grill? The Spirit II E-310 is an excellent option. In many households around the world, a barbecue is the first treat that cannot be missed at family gatherings. Everyone loves grilled food. With Grill, YOU can cook much healthier food than fried and sometimes boiled. With the right grill, all food looks good and juicy. So you and your family can maximize much-needed nutrients.

Weber grills have been the best choice for many years. It is a highly respected brand that is made in the USA. This grill model is known as the Spirit II E-310. It is a gas grill that offers its users the opportunity to cook on a spacious grill. It is a grill with high performance and efficiency.

Besides all the power it has, it also has very innovative and practical features. One of those features is the iGrill app. This way you can monitor the temperature of food from your phone. When the food is ready to be served, you will receive a notification. That’s a relatively new thing that Weber brought to the table. Let’s look at the other aspects of this grill.

  • It features the GS4 grill system with improved Infinity Ignition, burners, enamelled porcelain…
  • Porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grates
  • 529 square inches of cooking space across three burners. Width of left table bottom: 42 inches

Looking at the specs, we can see that this is a pretty tough and durable grill with several quirky accessories.

Love it or hate it with the open car design. In the fall of my I love it. I think it gives the user a pretty decent amount of space to comfortably prepare meals. Two side panels on the left for tongs and the other for condiments provide extra help you didn’t know you needed. The stainless steel burners at the front of the grill use infinite ignition technology. This makes them very safe and durable for use.

weber spirit 310 in the yard

It COMES with cast iron cooking grates which will serve you well over the long term as they resist rusting. These iron cooking grates ensure no grease sticks to them, giving you a much faster cleanup. This is due to the grease management system built into the grill.

The top of the grill features a thermometer integrated into the lid, allowing you to regulate the temperature of your food as it cooks gently. With a thermometer you can avoid overcooking or burning your food. hence is a useful feature. You also get a porcelain enamel lid that is much easier to clean than regular lids. People always enjoy smoking food until it’s time to clean the grill. That can help.

Finally, if you consider yourself a little nerd and appreciate cool apps, you might want to buy the Weber iGrill 3 app. This innovative new feature controls the temperature and consistency of the food being smoked. When the food needs attention, the app will send you a notification straight to your phone. This means you can display food and chat with family while you wait.


While the Weber Spirit E-310 isn’t as impressive in quality as the more expensive Genesis, it is a very solidly built and heavy grill, with lots of stainless steel and heavy, heavy cast iron grates coated in porcelain enamel that leave a nice look. Burn marks on cooked meat.

It’s a tough number. It’s not big enough to control your patio, but it’s big enough to hold a large amount of food and give you space for grilling on the go.

The grill has three burners that use an “electric crossover” system, which simply means one burner lights the next and so on.

The unit features a side burner on the left shelf, providing a convenient way to cook pots and pans at the same time as the main event. An additional nice little feature is the enclosed area for the propane tank, which keeps your workspace clutter-free and looking even tidier.

The knobs are conveniently located on the front of the grill instead of being tucked away on the side, which definitely makes the cooking experience easier and more fun without having to stop the grill to reach the large grill just to adjust the setting.

When assembling the Weber E-310, they explained everything well to make your job easier. However, this is a large item and will take some time to build due to the large number of parts(the firebox and gas line assembly came pre-assembled, saving a lot of work). The more people you have available to help the better, but if you’re feeling brave it’s definitely still possible to do the work yourself.

As you would expect from a gas grill, the E-310 lights up easily and reaches a good grilling temperature in just a few minutes. We took it to 625°F in just under eight minutes, which is pretty impressive.

Even better, with the E-310 three burners, you only need one burner for some medium temperatures on the go. This is a testament to the performance and quality that Weber has put into many of their grills.

The E-310 manages to distribute the heat evenly, which means there are no real hotspots and you can use the entire grill. Since hotspots are a common complaint with gas grills despite their quick preheat times, this is a real plus.

The grill surface is big enough to hold 20+ burgers, making it Beast(that’s 424 square inches if numbers are your thing) and allowing you to serve more people in less time.

User Friendliness

This grill is a gas grill and not a charcoal grill. So, just turn the knob to get started. The grill also comes with an instruction manual to help you become familiar with its operation. In terms of construction, the grill is delivered ready to use. The main cooking area measures over 60 × 46 centimeters, which is enough to cook about 16 beef patties at a time. There is plenty of space which means you can cook for the whole family at once.

weber spirit grill surface


Unlike other grills, this one comes with a grease management system, meaning you only have to do minimal cleaning. The dishes used to cook the food are also cast iron, which means YOU can easily clean them. Apart from that, other maintenance work includes refilling the gas tanks used for cooking. 


This grill is pretty sturdy. This grilling system is porcelain enamelled which means it has been preserved with glass to prevent corrosion and give it that shiny look. This means you can rest assured that the grill will not rust over time.


The Weber company is very proud and reliable. Their grilling systems come with a 10-year guarantee. Therefore, you can be confident that this system will last. If temporarily broken, you can return at any time. Just make sure you are up to date with the warranty terms to avoid breaking them.

What Could Be Improved?

When using this grill, you mainly grill flat meat or meat cut into small pieces. There isn’t much room under the lid to cook something like a whole chicken. If you were hoping to cook roast chicken then this isn’t the grill for you. One downside we discovered is that both the handle and body got very hot during cooking, oven gloves are a must!

The Final Verdict

In summary, this is a good and innovative grilling system for home grilling. It is not made for the wild as it is not portable. It has some cool features, like a fat management system and a mobile app called iGrill 3. It’s a gas burner, so you can have it up and ready to go in minutes. That being said, the design of the system is nice as the entire grill is coated in porcelain enamel. From cooking to keeping warm, Weber has made grilling fun with this product.

  • It features the GS4 grill system with improved Infinity Ignition, burners, enamelled porcelain…
  • Porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grates
  • 529 square inches of cooking space across three burners. Width of left table bottom: 42 inches


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