Review of Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill


A large cooking space and a modern PID controller characterize the Camp Chef PG 24 pellet grill. How does it compare to our favorite garden kitchens?

campchef pg24 pellet grill review

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The Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill takes grilling to the next level. Although launched in 2014, the grille still looks and performs like the last ones. It’s designed for home grilling with features that take home grilling to the next level.

It is designed to integrate the hobbyist who is just beginning the art of smoking their food, while providing the ultimate experience for the seasoned cook who wants their equipment to match their level of skill. It includes a variety of built-in features that make the grilling process fun and enjoyable while delivering the best possible results. The built in thermometer is one of those features that allows you to grill at the right temperature and takes the guesswork out of other grills. 

When you purchase the device, you will receive a booklet with all the information you need to become a master chef at the grill. The booklet contains simple recipes for beginners.

  • SLIDING AND GRILLING: grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, braising and grilling with first-class wood fire aroma…
  • NEW PID CONTROLLER: PID controller Gen 2 1-10 smoke settings(not WIFI compatible)
  • EASY CLEANING OF THE ASH: Cleaning between shots is as easy as pulling a lever, thanks…

Automated Pellet Auger and Heat Retention

Grilling shouldn’t be a problem. It has to be fun because the best food comes from a happy chef and a chef who enjoys preparing food is a happy chef. One of the tiring processes of grilling is having to refill and turn on fuel from time to time.

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If you get the PG24, cross it off your list of problems as it has a multitude of automatic BBs. This function directs the pellets into the fire bowl exactly when they are needed. The fire bowl has an automatic ignition that easily ignites the pellets. It also sets the granules on fire during each session to reach the desired and constant temperature. The grill also does a great job of maintaining the temperature to deliver the best proofing cake you can get from a grill.

Camp cook 24 snails

Digital Control System

The main title of the grill is the digital control system, which features a dual LED temperature display. This system enables automated temperature control. It allows you to set the desired temperature for the type of meat you are grilling and keeps that temperature constant. Once the temperature is set, YOU & only check your meat to make sure it meets your specifications. The dual LED temperature display is helpful when grilling because YOU need the exact temperature. 

Large Pellet Hopper

Next, since the pellets are automatically added to the fire pit, you will need a large pellet hopper to hold any pellets that are being carried. With the PG24, fill the pellet tank just once and forget about it and focus on cooking food on the grill. The pellet hopper has a 20 lb capacity.

Granules tipped into Hopper Camp Chef pg24

Meat Probe and Lid Thermometer 

The grill also COMES with a meat sample that allows YOU to check the internal temperature of the meat. All you have to do is stick it in the meat and read the temperature on the dual LED output monitor. The meat sample is great for telling if the meat is done, but you also need the temperature of the cooking cavity, which is where the illuminated case thermometer comes in handy. Where the meat temperature probe shows you the temperature of the inside of the meat, the thermometer in the lid of the can shows the temperature around the meat.

Easy Cleaning 

Most people use a grill without cleaning it because the cleaning process is a struggle, but that only makes the job worse, with the Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill you can say goodbye to that struggle. The interior of the grill is designed to be self-cleaning to reduce stress on the user. All the fat that accumulates during smoking and grilling drains into an external bucket on the side, which can then simply be closed. Another source of stress is cleaning the fire pit, with the Pellet Smoker Grill style=”vertical-align: inherit;”> you get an ashtray, simply pulling the ash knob will discharge all the ash in the fire pit into the cup, then the cup is removed. Proper ash removal can be performed with ease.



  • High power consumption


One of the main reasons for getting a grill is to grill out in the desert with friends or family. You will need to take your BBQ with you to do this. The PG24 pellet grill has a length of 114.3 cm, a width of 53.3 cm and a height of 129.5 cm including the legs. With those dimensions, you can easily fit it into the bed of any truck, or if you have a large trunk and are comfortable with tools, you can temporarily remove the legs and reattach them when you arrive at your destination. All these manageable dimensions come with a weight of 127 pounds, which corresponds to 57.61 kilograms. Now this grill WILL motivate you to travel.

Perfect Fireplace 

The chimney is located at the back of the grill. So it doesn’t stick out too much at the top and keeps annoying smoke away from you. The chimney also has a cover that protects it from unwanted substances such as water. 

Supported Attachment 

The grill has a nice table on the side where you can put everything you need when grilling. This is also an automatic place to pick up your meat before putting it on the grill or while the grill is preheating. By using this space, you can add some accessories to the grill that will make your job easier or allow you to do more than one activity at the same station. The grill also has two wheels on the other end for mobility. These wheels make it easy to move the grill should you need to move it due to wind, sun or varying weather conditions. 

Final Verdict 

The Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill is great and compares to others that have the same features. Offers excellent value for money. That’s why I highly recommend it, especially for specialists who want to get their first grill and are not very used to grilling.

  • SLIDING AND GRILLING: grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, braising and grilling with first-class wood fire aroma…
  • NEW PID CONTROLLER: PID controller Gen 2 1-10 smoke settings(not WIFI compatible)
  • EASY CLEANING OF THE ASH: Cleaning between shots is as easy as pulling a lever, thanks…

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