Traeger Pro Series 34 [Reviewed & Rated]


Traeger pellet barbecue grills have long been considered the gold standard in wood-fired backyard stoves. But how does this iteration of the brand’s Pro series compare to its competitors? Find out everything you need to know with our Traeger Pro Series 34 review.

Traeger Pro Series 34 pellet grill review

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Thinking about buying the Traeger Pro Series 34? Traeger is known for making quality outdoor cookware. That’s one of the reasons why we can never die the opportunity to try their products. Deciding if a horizontal kitchen is right for you can be difficult. Knowing what you have to offer makes it a little easier. In the article, we take a look at the features to consider.

Traeger Pro Series 34 pellet grill review

Principal Characteristics

All outdoor pellet smoker grills style=”vertical-align: inherit;”> have certain features that set them apart. Some of these features make the device a better buy, while others make it more inconvenient. Either way, you need to look at the different features and make sure they relate to the passenger, what you want to do, and your seat. The Traeger Pro 34 Series has several features. Let’s look at these.

Large Cooking Surface

This kitchen is horizontal and has a large cooking surface. It has a cooking capacity of 884 square inches. This can pass to a party that can feed more than ten adults. Take multitasking to a whole new level. It’s a versatile stove and is marketed as a 6-in-1 because you can use it to smoke, bake, roast, stew and roast. Unlike older outdoor kitchens, this one cooks more than one type of meat at a time.

A larger cavity means you can host more guests and serve food faster. You can also rest assured that it is well made. It comes with two shelves, the main shelf and an additional shelf. You also have plenty of space for cooking. The main rack measures 34 x 19 inches while the additional rack measures 34 x 7 inches.

Double Meat Probes

The Traeger Pro Series 34 has two meat probes, which means it measures the temperature of meat from different angles. YOU can rest assured that the meat will cook through at the constant temperature you set.

Temperature Control

It has a temperature control feature that carrier calls the Digital Pro Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic. Think of it as a form of artificial intelligence. With the dial you can adjust the temperature of the smoker to your needs. You can do do and continue with the rest of what you need to do. Set up and go.

This feature makes 60 temperature adjustments every second, allowing you to keep your set temperature or at least within +/-15°F. Temperature control doesn’t mean you can’t go very high. It just means it will be cooked where you set it. The Pro Digital Controller features an easy-to-read LED display. It may not be that big, but it shows you the necessary numbers.

Temperature control is useful when you’re not sure what temperatures are right for what you’re cooking. But with temperature control, YOU can follow a recipe and set numbers and not rely on “experience” to know your meat is done.

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Large Capacity Hopper

It has an 18lb capacity hopper. But what does that mean? This grill can hold up to 18 pounds of pellets. You don’t have to keep refilling them either. This can affect temperature consistency. But with a big funnel like this, you negate that risk.


It is a sturdy steel smoker mounted on sturdy wheels. Its durability is excellent for outdoor use over long periods of time. The powder coating protects the smoker from elements that can cause corrosion. The wheels are designed to withstand the use of wheels over rough terrain and also support the heavy grill.

User Friendliness

This smoker runs exclusively on hardwood pellets. This eliminates the traditional use of coal or gas. The pellets are more evenly sized, which also results in a more even burn, resulting in more even cooking. They’re cleaner, less messy, and most importantly, they add a smoky flavor to food. It’s a flavor you can’t get from gas.

It is also easy to use and versatile. These are all qualities that make these smokers very useful. In addition, it is easy to clean. This is a big part of the grill’s usability. The grill grates are easy to clean after cooking. This is ensured by the porcelain plates, which can be easily cleaned even after grease stains.

The controlled temperature gives you consistent results and YOU will always be a world-class chef to use them. 

More Highlights

Versatile Temperature Range

You can choose to cook your food on a lower setting and take longer, or you can cook it on the highest setting and make it quick. The setting you choose should match what you are cooking. The temperatures required for baking differ from the temperatures required for grilling.

Hopper Cleaning Function

It has a hopper cleaning function that allows YOU to change the granules at any time without interrupting the cooking process. This is an advantage if you’re cooking something that takes longer than the 18-pound granules will do.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Is versatile
  • Gives food the smoky taste. It’s the hat two probes for meat.
  • Is durable
  • You get a large cooking surface.
  • It’s a big funnel.


  • It may not burn as hot as you would like, especially if you grill more. This is because it cooks with indirect heat.
  • It does not support WiFi, a feature found on many modern grills and smokers.

Final Verdict

This smoker is a great buy if you’re looking for something sturdy and versatile. You can cook for several people at the same time and be sure that the food WILL be prepared correctly. Features like temperature control make this possible. We hope this review helps you decide whether or not the Traeger Pro Series 34 meets your standards. Have fun cooking!

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