Brinkmann Smoke’N Pit [Offset Smoker – Reviewed & Rated]


Brinkmann BBQ Smokers have been offering inexpensive backyard cooking to grill addicts for years. How does this staggered rotisserie compare to its competitors? Find out everything you need to know with our Brinkmann Smoke’N Pit review.

brinkamann smoke n grill offset smoker rating

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Inconsistent heat retention and ease of use make the Brinkmann Smoke’n Pit a difficult smoker to use. For serious BBQ fans who grill regularly, there are better offset smokers today.

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The Brinkmann Smoke’N Pits is an older offset BBQ that needs a lot of maintenance to last longer. Versatile exactly the grill is best because it can smoke, grill and prepare food. It comes with lots of accessories for keeping food warm and all the necessary ingredients and equipment.

Comfort and consistency keep the grill rolling. You don’t have to experience soot as it is channeled directly into the feed chamber and up the chimney. A detailed review is what is just below.


The indicator is not so easy to use as it has no readings. There is a tradeoff in accuracy. The gauge can best be described as an inaccurate bimetal thermometer. Although the gauge isn’t as accurate, the ventilation system gives you more control over airflow. You can easily achieve this precision in thermoregulation. It comes with highly adjustable vents; Therefore, the heat generated is yours.


The large chamber allows you to control the air combustion entering and exiting the combustion chamber. This is made possible by the breather supplied with the combustion chamber. The large chamber gives you the opportunity to start a combustion fire that will last you more hours. You save yourself the periodic lighting of additional coals.

Big Wheels

Since the Brinkmann Smoker is taller and more horizontal, the wheels that come with the grill are decent enough. The grill is ideal for use in the garden. The wheels must be all-terrain wheels that can be easily moved on any type of surface. The wheels are big enough to support the weight of the grill.

Additional Characteristics

  • Porcelain-coated wire cooking grates.
  • Lower storage compartment
  • A small door on the side of the combustion chamber for removing the ash.


It is well built as it gives you a solid feel. It is better if you put it in your garden as it tends to take up more space. You also need space to work. It has a hearth built in such a way that it does not lose heat when it reaches the fire. The large door allows you to access the groceries without burning yourself.

The large door is a single-layer design that allows you to quickly access your groceries. The fact that the grill is made from heavy gauge steel ensures you have a durable and long lasting grill. It has tubular legs and a welded body, making it sturdier than a standard grill. It comes with a rust resistant finish. It can withstand rain without getting strong. 


It’s a horizontal charcoal smoker and grill with plenty of room for more meat or grilled food. The combustion chamber is also large enough to carry the grill. The food chamber has a capacity of 100 pounds of food and the fire chamber can hold 10 pounds of fuel. You don’t have to refuel regularly.


The two wheels are formed by rubber feet. However, after 2-3 years, let rust attack the heels. Rubber feet tend to fall off. The grill is made of heavy steel construction that is quite durable. You just have to be careful how you look after the grill. You have to keep it covered and clean or it won’t stand up to the rain. The lids of both chambers have strong hinges. It is a guaranteed durable intact hinge.

User Friendliness

It is not only suitable for home use, but also for large gatherings. It features highly adjustable vents. You have more control over the airflow in the firebox. It comes with a warming tray that keeps food warm. This is ideal for foods that you prepare in batches. You don’t have cold dishes if you prepare separate dishes.

There is no need for an additional table as the grill COMES with a large wooden tray just in front of the smoker for YOU to use as a table. You can have all your jobs on the table, as well as some of your equipment and ingredients.

You have to be more careful with this type of grill. There’s a good chance your meat will get sooty if you’re using fresh wood. I recommend using commercial charcoal or charcoal made from burnt wood. Small wood chips give you the smoke you need for your smoked meats.

The fact that it has compartments tells you to be careful not to get meat in the openings. The chance of your food burning is very low.

Another way to avoid soot is to keep the exhaust valve wide open. The grill comes with adjustable grates that are very easy to clean. There are also wooden handles that you won’t burn yourself on when grilling.

They are heat resistant. A cookbook comes with the grill just in case you have little knowledge of how to smoke food. The metal frame gives the grill stability and a place to store wood and briquettes. The assembly is not easy, but manageable.


The fact that you can smoke or grill your food makes the grill versatile. When it comes to the camera, you have no choice. When smoking on the grill, you can choose to use the large or small chamber.

What determines the size of the chamber is the amount of food you smoke. The more people you have, the bigger camera you have to use. Both sections are easy to use as they give you easy access to groceries.


  • Lots of space for grilling
  • Solid steel construction.
  • Great ventilation
  • Controllable Heat
  • Combustion chamber ventilation
  • Chimney damper
  • Heat resistant handle
  • Flexible lid hinges
  • Big wheels


  • Lack of temperature stability.
  • The legs are of poor quality.

Final Verdict

Inconsistent heat retention and ease of use make the Brinkmann Smoke’n Pit a difficult smoker to use. For serious BBQ fans who grill regularly, there are better offset smokers today.


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