Camp Chef SmokePro DLX [Reviewed & Rated]


The SmokePro DLX aims to offer premium pellet grilling features at a respectable price point. So, how does it compare to its competitors? Our in-depth review puts it to the test.

Camp Chef Smokepro dlx review

Quick Check

The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX offers superior performance at an expected price. With precise temperature control, dependable performance and intuitive controls, this is a dependable pellet smoker for both novice and expert grillers.


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camp chef smokepro dlx pellet grill smokebox cover

Features: PID Control and Digital Thermometer

Camp Chef has had some popular, quality launches lately and this Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill is no exception. Packed with features, this model is sure to add a nice touch to your outdoor BBQ sessions.

First of all, this model is now equipped with the latest generation 2 digital PID controller, which for us is super innovative for a grill. The dial is easy to use, allowing YOU to adjust things like the temperature or toggle between the different cooking modes available. Plus, the LED display is very informative and helps ensure your food is being prepared correctly.

Aside from that, this pellet smoker grill also features a built-in digital thermometer(internal temperature sensor), an internal stainless steel meat temperature probe, and a handy power-loss reset so you don’t have to worry about turning it back on from match seug seug.

And finally, it has 2 smoke levels of 160 degrees F and 500 degrees F and an electronic auto ignition system.

  • Large capacity pellet hopper with exclusive ash cleaning system
  • Electronic ignition with auto start function for quick and easy starting
  • Dual LED temperature display shows internal cooking temperatures and food temperatures

Design: Large Capacity Hopper and Auto Auger

Let’s talk about how it’s built. The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill has a 429 square inch cooking surface and comes with a second 144 square inch cooking grate. Its hopper capacity is 18 pounds and it is compatible with Camp Chef’s range of extensions and accessories.

Its pellet screw automatically serves as a dispenser and switches off when everything is ready. The large hopper capacity means you’ll have to reload less often and grilling is uninterrupted.

Of course, it has a rotisserie main body and then 4 legs connected with 2 wheels. It also comes with a pellet rake, side shelf and collection bucket.

Overall, we think this pellet grill is sturdy and durable. This SmokePro DLX model has one of the largest cooking surfaces you can find, allowing for fast and efficient grilling that would be better suited to large crowds. It is made from high quality metal and has a beautiful finish to complete its elegant design.

Ease of use: Easy Cleaning and Heat Control

The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX has built-in features that make grilling and grilling afterwards easy for everyone. It features a one-pull ash cleaning system that makes it quick and easy to remove the ash afterwards. We know how ash can build up when grilling on most pellet grills, so you don’t have to face such problems with this one.

There is also an additional pellet emptying hopper that makes it easy to remove excess pellets from the hopper. Not only that, it comes with a handy fat management system, as we all know how difficult that can be at times.

The temperature control on this pellet grill is also pretty accurate and that would ensure your food is cooked exactly how you want it. Keeping the smoke and temperature steady means you’ll be cooking like a true pro with this beast.

Performance: Stable Temperatures

Perhaps one aspect people love about pellet grills is the flavor they carry on their favorite meats. Of course, charcoal smokers are good too, but you’ll probably get more flavor variety with a pellet grill, especially with this SmokePro DLX.

Get a wide range of flavors from this grill and we’re talking cherry, apple, hickory, maple, bourbon or pecan. You can experiment, mix everything or change the granules as you like. Meat cooked on this grill always takes on a nice smoky, woody flavor that won’t disappoint.

With no hot or cold spots, this is one of the most consistent and accurate pellet grills we’ve tested. Not to mention it’s a workhorse and will do most of the cooking for you. More time for the beer, I suppose.

Whether you prefer to cook chicken, ribs, pork, beef or breast, this pellet grill won’t let you down. This model is perfect for any outdoor occasion. It’s easy to move around, easy to clean up afterwards, and can grill so much in no time.

Price Performance Ratio

The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX is a steal. You’ve read the features and you get all of that at a respectable price. You also get a 3-year guarantee that will put you at ease. With proper care and maintenance, you will get a long life from this pellet grill.


  • 570 inches total cooking area
  • BTU/hour is 25000
  • Cooking temperature up to 500 degrees F.
  • Weighs 140 pounds

We’re honestly surprised at how durable this pellet grill is. Some users report that their Camp Chef SmokePro DLX is still working after 3 years. And that with once or twice a week.

The hardwood flavor produced is undeniably good, the temperature control is excellent and the large cooking surface is very convenient(it can hold 2 turkeys). Restart after power failure is an excellent add-on. The warming rack is somewhat useless, but in part due to some(single) inconsistent performance issues, this is still one of the best pellet smokers we’ve tested.

What We Like

  • Creates great flavors.
  • Powerful and durable grill.
  • Very precise cooking
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Efficient and excellent value for money

What We Don’t Like

  • Can be damaged quickly outdoors
  • Pellet removal is not as easy as advertised

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a great investment if you keep grilling for family and friends. This is designed for longevity and always guarantees consistent aromas. This will definitely satisfy your cravings and accompany you for a long time during the fun barbecue evenings in the garden. Grab yours now!

  • Large capacity pellet hopper with exclusive ash cleaning system
  • Electronic ignition with auto start function for quick and easy starting
  • Dual LED temperature display shows internal cooking temperatures and food temperatures

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