Premiala Meat Injector [REVIEWED & RATED]


The Premiala stainless steel meat injector is a robust and durable device for cooking and grilling. Here’s my review so you know everything you need to know.

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Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Premiala who were kind enough to send me their meat injector for review. Furthermore, I have not received any compensation from Premiala and my review is completely honest. I would never promote or endorse a product that I cannot offer.

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You can have the best grill, you can have the best cut of meat, but I think there are a few other essential tools you need for good grilling that are(IMHO) grossly underrated.

One is a durable, accurate and reliable barbecue thermometer. The other is a marinade injector.

A good barbecue is as much about preparation as it is about grilling or smoking. This means no matter how well you cook the meat, if you don’t pickle or marinate it well, it can mess up the whole process.

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Well, I love a good marinade. Cooking meat well is all about ensuring the food retains its juices, and getting a good marinade can fill your meat with moisture and flavor galore.

Some people marinate the meat by tossing it in a Ziploc or freezer bag and letting the marinade sit. That’s absolutely fine, but I prefer to use a marinade needle or gun to carry flavor with my food.

premiumla meat injector review
Stainless steel meat injector award. If it’s big.

There are a couple of reasons for this: not only does it look amazing(although, let’s be honest…it looks amazing), but it also helps you have a lot more control to make sure the marinade gets even and deep into the meat. The needle really helps get under the surface of the meat quickly, which you can’t really do by soaking it in a freezer bag .

Frequent visitors to my blog( hey guys! ) may remember that a while ago I compiled a list of some of the best meat injectors out there right now .

In this list I featured the Premiala injector and suggested that it is one of the best, if not  the  best, injector YOU can buy.

Well, Premiala reached out and was kind enough to send me to write a review.

I included a disclaimer at the top of this post, but I really want to stress that this review is honest and I would never recommend a product that I genuinely don’t think is of sufficient quality for my readers.

So, I’ve left a few Amazon links in this post in case you want to get your own. I receive a small commission from any purchases confirmed through these links, but this is at no additional cost to you. It helps me keep the blog going!

Now that I’ve covered all that, let’s get to the review!

Outside The Box

I think anyone who opens a dying Premiala WILL have the same first impression: This needle isn’t playing. He looks strong, he looks mean and he looks serious. May I say he even looks a little evil? It wouldn’t look out of place in an underground binder closet. But if anything, it’s a little bit more fun to use.

premiumla meat injector and needles presented on the table top


Everything is made of stainless steel and cannot be hidden. Everything has a beautiful sheen, and even just holding it ye ​​can feel it’s built to last.

It features three needles, each with a different size and purpose. One is for thinner cuts of meat like steaks, the other two for larger cuts. However, one has a larger needle nose to allow thicker marinades to be used, and the other has more needles to allow for more even distribution of the marinade throughout the selected meat.

Close-up of one of the large needles of Premiala.
Close-up of one of the large needles of Premiala.


What Also Makes Premiala so Great?

The majority of the injector is made of stainless steel, more so than many other injectors. This not only ensures a longer service life for the injector, but also makes it significantly safer to use.

On other models, parts like the plunger disc and barrel nose(where the needle screws in) are often made from cheaper materials, meaning they are susceptible to rot or bacteria. Over time and ordinary use, after threading and unscrewing the needle, the tip may loosen over time, just like the threads may loosen.

There are larger holes in his needles, keeping clogging to a minimum. Trust me, I’ve used needles with smaller holes and it’s no fun with a thick liquid like marinade.

Premiala's multi-hole needle enables deep and even marinating.
Premiala’s multi-hole needle enables deep and even marinating.

The position of the holes in your needles, especially the smaller ones, means you get better coverage when injecting your flesh . There are holes on both sides and make sure you can squirt to the surface of the meat. On other models, the position of the holes may mean that the marinade will only be diverted through the top hole and cannot be applied further down the needle. With this style of meat preparation, even coverage is key, so it’s great to see Premialia developing a needle that takes this into account.

Spare parts are also available. If you also need replacements should YOU need to replace one of your needles or parts, these are readily available.

How to Use a Premiala Meat Injector

As with any new device, it should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before use.

Premiala told me that during assembly they apply a food grade silicone oil for lubrication, which will naturally wear off after cleaning the item. To replace this whenever YOU apply a thin film of clean food grade oil(eg olive oil) around the inside of the keg before each use. Without the lubricating layer, it’s really difficult, almost impossible, to push the piston. Premiala told me that this is the most important thing to remember and after you dry it, it’s hard to disagree!

If YOU are injecting meat for smoking, gently depress the plunger while YOU slowly withdraw the needle from the meat and stop injecting just before the holes come out of the meat. Don’t overdo the marinade or it will squirt out!

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The Final Verdict

I think with this kind of product it would be easy for Premiala to cut corners and make something simple and weak. However, they’ve managed to resist that temptation and create something extremely easy to use that’s clearly built to last.

  • 100% EAT! – Unlike the competition, the Premiala Heavy Duty spice injector is…
  • TENDER ALL THICKS OF MEAT! With THREE precision needles, you can…
  • REDUCE WASTE! Unlike cheap injectors that you have to throw away again and again, the Premiala…


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