Review of Traeger Eastwood 22


Pellet grills don’t get much better than Traeger’s. With a fantastic temperature range, solid steel construction, and intuitive LED controls, there’s a lot to love about the grilling system. Get the inside scoop with our Traeger Eastwood 22 review.

Traeger Eastwood 22 Pellet Smoker Grill Review

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The Traeger Eastwood Pellet Grill is one of the most durable and versatile pellet smoker grills available today. The Traeger company has been around for many years and has consistently demonstrated its strong presence in the market by offering quality products and services. Considering different types of grilling systems, pellet grills are considered to be the next evolution of them. This pellet grill goes further than most and allows you to cook food the way you want it. It gives customers the ability to bake, smoke, grill, roast, braise and roast their food. Impressive right?

  • New in box. The product comes with all relevant accessories.

This versatility is paired well with a durable steel construction ensuring you have peace of mind when considering how long this product WILL last you. The grill stands on four stable legs and has two wheels. Both bikes are tough and can work on any terrain you need them on.

When you look at this product, you will find that it is difficult not to like it. They connected the past to the future. The grill COMES with a digital LED controller that highlights the creative side of the maker. You now have complete and precise control over how your food is cooked, something other grilling systems can’t offer. When you’re ready to start cooking, it only takes 5 minutes for the grill to be ready to use. If you’re interested and want to know more, let’s take a closer look at some of the grill’s features.

The Traeger Eastwood Pellet Grill was designed to give customers options. You no longer have to prepare your food in a certain style, but the way you want it. This is one of the main selling points of the product.

Trager Eastwood grill area for cooking

First Impressions

When you first approach this grill you will notice that it sits relatively low to the ground and therefore appears well balanced. The grill is available in a matte black finish, with the grill’s lid and main cooking area available in silver or a beautiful dark brown finish. To the right of the grill you will see a small aesthetic chimney. On the left you have a small shelf that also contains the LED temperature controller.

There are two all terrain wheels on the front of the grill to move it too & YOU can lift and push it like a wheelbarrow. It wasn’t designed to be highly mobile, but more of a backyard gem meant to make your Sunday brunch glorious.

When you open the lid, you will see two coated meat shelves, good for preparing your meals. With 418 square inches of cooking area, this is more than enough for most meals and puts it on top of models like the Traeger Renegade Elite.

Trager Eastwood 22 Pellet Smoker Grill on the patio


You don’t expect a lot from a grill system. You would probably think that everyone knows how to work, just add fire to the meat and let it cook. That’s an old mindset that Traeger is trying to break when they made this grill. With this grill you can prepare food in 6 different ways. Did you momentarily feel like you could bake a cake on a grill? With this YOU can! In general, a grill would not make it easy for you to cook a cake, given the space available or temperature control limitations.

Bring estimates that he can cook 16 hamburgers at once with this grill. That’s enough food to ensure your party guests don’t start a riot if other people get food before they do. If beef patties aren’t for you, you can cook four whole chickens or four ribs at a time. You can bake, smoke, grill, braise, smoke, and grill this meat to your liking. With this visually stunning product, Traeger has put the power of eating in your hands. 


When YOU buy a product that costs as much money as one of these products usually does, you have concerns about how safe your investment will be. How durable is the product you are buying and how long will it last with you? Traeger answers these questions and says it will take at least three years. This is the duration of the guarantee. Traeger trusts this product because they made it with a heavy-duty steel construction that resists rusting. The silver/brown powder coat finish is of a high quality which means the grill not only continues to perform but looks as good as it does.

Digital LED Controller

The LED Temperature Controller has been added to this list because of what it brings to the customer. It allows you to cook food exactly to the desired temperature. Not only that, but you are not responsible for controlling the amount of smoke coming out of the grill. This means that while grilling you can be sure that the heat and smoke are even throughout the grilling area. It allows you to serve fully cooked and therefore healthy meals. 


Total Cooking Space418 square inches
Pellet Hopper Capacity18 lbs
Total Weight103 lbs
Maximum temperature450 degrees Fahrenheit


The grill has been designed to be as safe as possible. However, you should know that you should avoid spending too much time at the grill as you may be exposed to dangerous chemicals. Breathing in these regular chemicals can have negative health consequences. Especially if you have a pregnant woman in the house, you should keep her away from the grill. 

Final Verdict

This grill is a very customer friendly grill. The versatility alone is enough to attract customers who are tired of buying different machines & want to cook food in different ways. With it, YOU can easily prepare as many dishes as you want. The longevity means the price you pay is worth it in the long run. You then get precise temperature control within the grill, resulting in healthier meals that are fully cooked.  

  • New in box. The product comes with all relevant accessories.


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