Review of Weber Q2200 [Propane Gas Grill]


The Weber Q2200 is as easy as portable propane grills. It’s a compact, stripped-down grill that’s great for trail riding or camping on the road. Find out everything you need to know with our outdoor grill review.

Weber q2200 grill review

Weber Q-Series portable gas grills continue to serve grilling enthusiasts who want to take their grill with them on the road. While portability is one thing, most of us expect more from our grills. I’ve had the pleasure of researching and testing the Q2200. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

Quick Check

The Weber Q2200 offers a simplified portable propane grill perfect for hassle-free grilling on the go. Its weight makes its easy portability questionable, but once up and running it performs just as well as any of its gas-filled counterparts.

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Compact With Plenty of Space for Grilling

One of the features that make the Q2200 a good buy is that it’s compact and can be packed up and taken with you on trips. But don’t let the compact term fool you. Considering its size, it offers plenty of space for cooking. It has 280 square inches of grilling area, which is just about right for a portable grill.

The Q2200 is larger than previous iterations of the Q Series, so despite its compact size, it’s heavy and may require two people to carry. To facilitate transportation, you can separate the various parts, such as B. remove the grid. Removing them will help lighten the load, but you may still need help switching.

weber q2200 grill grate

Folding Table

With space being at a premium, it’s a relief that the grill comes with folding tables on either side. This extra space is useful on the go and gives you more room to work. You can’t underestimate what a welcome feature it is when camping or driving up as you can utilize every inch of cooking space.

Powerful Burner

This series features a 12,000 BTU “D” shaped stainless steel tube burner. This generates more than enough heat to effectively cook your meals.

Big Hood

It has a large hood to give you more space to work. The hood is significantly larger than in classic versions, such as the Weber Q1200. With this model you can prepare food for more than four people at the same time. Although not the largest grill, WILL be sufficient for small gatherings.


It has a built in lid thermometer attached to the hood so you know what temperature your food is being cooked at. It will help you get a better result.


This grill runs on gas, which means you can quickly use it anywhere. It comes with the necessary connectors and also heats up quickly. This is one of the things that makes this grill a good buy.


It’s porcelain-enamelled cooking grates that help keep them from sticking. It is a stainless steel burner that is durable and can stand while cooking. The burner is a D-shaped burner that is placed inside and this is where it receives the heat that cooks your food. It has a heavy cast aluminum lid and ensures you clean it without gently scratching the surface.

Side tables only take up additional space when unfolded. Both the body and the lid are strong and durable. The lid is dome-shaped so you can store larger foods, such as B. can prepare a whole bird. The materials used to make this grill are strong and durable. YOU should be able to use this grill for a long time.

The downside to side tables is that they are made of plastic and may not be as durable as the rest of the grill.

User Friendliness

Use an electronic ignition button for easy starting, allowing you to heat up to high grilling temperatures in just minutes. The grill grates are made of porcelain and have a non-stick coating. This is the purification when the time comes. This pot is also great for cooking food evenly. This is an advantage YOU may not find in other traditional outdoor grills. It also has a built in thermometer, but I would always recommend getting your own grill thermometer.

When using it, it is important to be careful not to open and close it too often. That’s how warmth goes. All things being equal, this grill can easily reach 550°F. The thermometer sits on top of the lid and is therefore easy to read. The electric ignition button is easily accessible, making this grill even easier to use.

More Highlights

In addition to the features we’ve highlighted, the Weber Q2200 has several other features that speak for itself. It has a removable drip tray, also called a drip tray. It slides easily and is therefore easy to clean. You can also save yourself the trouble by putting on a disposable aluminum foil cover. This means that the fat that drips into the pan collects exclusively on the foil, which you can throw away.

It also has a split cooking grate. The split grill allows you to replace one, perhaps with a grill. One of the things you might like is the fact that it’s non-corrosive. You can leave it outside and don’t worry about it rusting.

In addition, this grill COMES with a grill cart for easy use. This keeps it at a comfortable height so you can grill it well. The portable cart makes it easy to move the grill from one place to another, even while cooking.

Final Verdict

This is a good buy if you are looking for a portable grill. Its assembled depth is 25 inches while its assembled width is 54 inches. However, you need to know how to assemble it, which can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. Although it is a compact grill, about 14 burgers fit inside.

We like that it is a considered unit that can easily support a small family. Also the fact that it is compact and you can easily move around with it. Which grill you ultimately buy ultimately depends on your personal preferences. We think it’s a good buy and we hope this guide will help you make an informed decision.

  • Total cooking area = 280 square inches
  • Stainless steel burner produces 12,000 BTUs per hour
  • Porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grates

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