Top 11 Meat Injectors of 2022(Tested & Reviewed)


Meat marinade injectors provide a quick and easy way to add marinade to your grilled or smoked meats, allowing you to keep meat tender, juicy and full of flavor. But how much is the work? Here’s my guide to the best meat injectors and what to look out for.

Inject meat into a turkey

While meat injectors may seem like a pretty syringe, there’s actually a lot more to it than you think.

Capacity and durability are high on our agenda and unfortunately not all flavor injectors are up to the task. Some are cheap, difficult to use, and some are even unsafe.

Luckily, there are some really impressive models out there, but you just need to know what to look for.

Here are my eleven most tried and tested meat injectors to help you choose the right meat injector.

The 11 meat injectors that I will take a closer look at are:

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Awesome Premiala Meat Injector

premiumla meat injector review
Stainless steel meat injector award. If it’s big.


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Impressive by name, impressive by nature. This robust injector is made entirely of stainless steel, including the cylinder end and piston disc. All parts of the injector that come into contact with food are usually made of stainless steel.

This contributes to durability, but also a clean surface that is not prone to infection that cheaper materials have with constant contact with food, especially meat.

Check out my full review  of the Premiala injector

​The injector kit COMES with replacement silicone rings to combat wear and tear on the product, but more importantly Premiala offers other replacement parts such as replacement needles, O-rings and brushes meaning you don’t have to throw away the whole one, if one of its component breaks.

Also included are three needles for different types of meat. These are available in a variety of opening lengths and widths to facilitate marinating different sizes of meat.

What I like best about this point and what really sets it apart is that its wider needle is perfect for heavier marinades. Many other meat injectors are not as accommodating.

close-up of the components of the award injector


It comes with a nice carry case that makes it even more durable. This, combined with the spare parts offered by Premiala, makes it a great cost investment.

What I like:

  • It comes with 3 solid needles to meet different needs.
  • All food-facing surfaces and parts are stainless steel for durability and safety.
  • Replacement parts are readily available to aid in needle longevity.
  • Comes with spare silicone rings.
  • Wonderful e-book to get you started on the basics
  • The wide opening of one of the needles is perfect for uglier and uglier marinades.
  • 100% EAT! – Unlike the competition, the Premiala Heavy Duty spice injector is…
  • TENDER ALL THICKS OF MEAT! With THREE precision needles, you can…
  • REDUCE WASTE! Unlike cheap injectors that you have to throw away again and again, the Premiala…

The SpitJack Magnum Meat Injection Gun

SpitJack Magnum meat injection gun


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The Magnum name on this SpitJack injector isn’t the only thing that makes this meat injector stand out. It looks completely different from all our other models. But is it flashy enough to justify your purchase? The first thing to say is that it is incredibly easy to use. Unlike the problems that come with the Mr. Grill injector, this model requires very little pressure to use. Plus, you can even use it to control the flow of your marinade to absurd levels.

Its pistol-like appearance also makes it easy to insert, aim, and fire. As much as its appearance may seem like a gimmick, it actually has some practical advantages as well.

It comes with four needles, giving you far more options than any other model on this list, and it also comes with a brush, making it extremely easy to clean.

What I like

  • A dream to wear
  • fantastic quality
  • 4 different needles are supplied.
  • It comes with a cleaning brush.

What i didn’t like

  • Slightly more expensive than other models.
  • QUALITY MADE IN THE USA: This injector is manufactured and tested in a factory in the USA,…
  • THIS WON’T BREAK: Tired of your injector needles bending or breaking? Or creaking barrels? Oh…
  • OLD SCHOOL SERVICE AND REPAIR: If something breaks or needs to be left over, we have the parts and…

Grill Beast Stainless Steel Meat Injector Kit

Grill Beast Stainless Steel Meat Injector Kit

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At first glance, this meets my requirements. First of all, it’s stainless steel, which IS exactly what I want for my food preparation, purely for aesthetic reasons. In addition, it is light and practical to use.

It’s quite large, but if you’re planning on injecting whole chickens or turkeys then this large volume really is perfect. Part of its structure is partially made of plastic, so be very gentle with washing and drying too, since you cannot clean it in the dishwasher.

The added value of this needle is that it comes as part of a kit. In this kit you will receive 3 needles of different sizes and hole compositions, allowing you to experiment with a variety of marinades.

As a nice little bonus, it also comes with a free eBook that not only walks you through how to use it, but walks you through various techniques and tips for use with various recipes.

What I like:

  • Mostly made of stainless steel
  • It comes with different needles to help you with types of marinades.
  • affordable easy
  • comes with spare parts
  • Comes with free e-book

What I don’t like:

  • Not 100% stainless steel
  • I can’t wash in the dishwasher.
  • Quite large(not a problem for me but might be for people with smaller hands than mine)
  • Manufactured from HIGH QUALITY 304 STAINLESS STEEL, the Grill Beast Meat Injector is perfect for…
  • A 2 ounce keg more compact for refilling, a robust marinade injector piston offers improved pressure…

Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Spice Injector

Bayou Classic stainless steel spice injector

Check it out on Amazon

This is a little cheaper and while the quality of the needle itself is excellent, perhaps its lower value is that it only comes with 2 needles. This is a little disappointing as there is no short needle for smaller cuts of meat like chicken breasts , nor is there a wide needle for weighted marinades.

However, everything is negative! This is a really tough and reliable injector, which is great given its affordable price. If you are new to meat injection, this is a great option YOU should try before switching to a more expensive injector.

What I like:

  • A great start for beginners.
  • Good value for money
  • Stainless steel
  • comes with 2 needles

What I don’t like:

  • The limited width of the holes makes it unsuitable for heavy marinades.
  • It doesn’t come with a short needle.

Ofargo Stainless Steel Meat Injector Syringe

Check it out on Amazon

I have to say that everything comes from the heart from a brand called Mr Grill. However, the overall quality is a bit disappointing. Yes, it’s very cheap and made out of stainless steel, but with plastic handles and awkward handling, I don’t expect this injector to last very long.

Normally on cheaper models I’d say it’s a good entry point, but the piston is extremely difficult to remove and drive so I’m not sure to say.

What speaks for it besides the price? The two needles supplied offer you good flexibility with your marinade. Not only that, their wider-mouthed needles also let through very thick juices, which not all cheap injectors can claim.

What I like:

  • It comes with two needles
  • The wider needle mouth allows the use of marinade weights
  • Excellent value for money
  • very approachable
  • Stainless steel

What I don’t like:

  • The plastic handle looks like a cheap upgrade.
  • No third needle option
  • very uncomfortable to use
  • SAFE AND HEALTHY KITCHEN / BBQ TOOL: All components are generally recognized as safe: 304 stainless steel…
  • Leakproof and durable for years: Culinary stainless steel / zinc detection metal material(a…
  • Juicy, tender and delicious in every bite – our food injector is solidly built to last and intensify…

What does a meat injector do?

Meat injectors are an intimate-looking kitchen utensil that look exactly like YOU envision them: a large syringe with a needle.

That’s where the similarity with the medicinal variant ends, however, as we fill the meat injector with marinade and then inject chicken or turkey. Although we pump, we generously marinate our meat from the inside. This is particularly useful in long cooking methods  such as grilling or smoking , where meat is exposed to high temperatures for a long time. This can dry out the meat, so injecting marinade has ingredients to help it retain its moisture and shape while still being full of flavor.

Learn how to inject meat for frying here .

What is The Difference Between Marinating and Injecting?

Injection works differently than other types of meat preparation. To get a better idea of ​​how it works, let’s compare it to simple marinating. In its purest form, marinating is  the soaking of meat  in a flavored liquid. Soaking for several hours will help the mash to absorb liquids, which will infuse it with flavors.

Most often this is done with chicken breasts as they are relatively small and can be completely submerged in the marinade. It can be made with larger cuts of meat, but it can be a bit messy and only allow the surfaces of the meat to soak up the marinade. This can result in dry, mushy meat inside, so a meat injector is required.

Injection not only gives us a safe way to cook the inside of our meat, but also a little shortcut to cook our meat quickly. While you still need to marinate it on the outside, injecting it directly into the meat helps cut down on the time you have to wait before putting it on your grill or smoker.

It’s the quickest and most practical way to carry our taste of meat.

Types of Meat Injectors

A good meat injector is fairly large and made of stainless steel or plastic. They vary in the number of holes, with some having just one at the point of the needle and others having multiple holes evenly spaced the length of the needle. They can also vary in needle width, with some having fairly thin needles for simple liquids and others being much wider for injecting liquids plus weights or marinades into meat.

Industrial or commercial models use a 1 gallon food grade jar fitted with a pump and sometimes up to 4 needles on the injector. This goes well beyond your needs in your home, so try not to be tempted by these, frankly, metal models.

How to Use a Meat Injector?

When preparing your marinade,  be sure to destroy any large chunks or pieces of leaf. This largely depends on the size of the needle, but especially if you are using a needle that is easy for liquids, there is a risk of the injector clogging.

Fill your syringe and then you can inject the flesh in two ways depending on the needle type. Use the syringe to squirt small amounts of marinade into the meat at various points, allowing it to be evenly absorbed by the meat. If you have a single, simple opening, gently insert the needle and inject into the flesh in multiple places. For each position when dying, insert needle 3-4 times in different directions to ensure good coverage.

However, if you have a needle with multiple openings on surface & you don’t do this. Simply insert into the meat in different places without re-inserting in different directions.

Once you’ve done all this, leave your meat in the fridge for a couple of hours to fully absorb the flavor.

After use, as with anything, it is important that you clean the injector thoroughly. Rather than using a dishwasher, I recommend doing it by hand with a brush, dish soap, and warm water. Using a dishwasher is risky because some of the plastic in the syringe can melt and even damage the needle. After washing, be sure to let it dry completely before putting it away. Any leftover liquid is likely to harbor mold or bacteria. Then smear the inside with some vegetable oil to keep it lubricated and to prevent the injection plunger from drying out and becoming stiff.

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