Top 5 Grill Covers of 2022 [Waterproof, Durable, Rust-Proof]


Protect your backyard kitchen with our guide to the best outdoor grill covers available today.

best grill cover


The best grill covers provide waterproof and airtight protection to protect your kitchen from the damaging effects of rust, damp weather and low temperatures.

Here are 5 of the best ones to keep you cooking with your beloved outdoor grill for years to come.

Unicook Heavy-Duty Waterproof

Waterproof cover for Unicook Barbecue gas grill

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This grill cover from Unicook is quite cheap but offers excellent quality for the price. We wouldn’t expect this grill cover to last as long as more expensive alternatives, but it seems very decent for the price.

Measuring 50″W x 22″ x 40″H, the Unicook Grill Cover should fit most 2 or 3 burner grills. On the underside this cover has velcro straps to allow a snug fit over the grill so it should work fine even if the size of the grill is slightly different.

Please note that this cover is not designed to completely cover the wheels, ensuring you can transfer the grill without adjusting or removing the cover.

As for the materials, the cover is UV resistant and waterproof. It is also advertised to resist cracking and cold cracking. These are pretty standard grill cover features.

As for water, please note that this grill cover is not waterproof: in downpours, it absorbs water quickly and cannot protect your grill. This is not a specific disadvantage of this cover, but the way water-repellent fabrics work.


  • Cheap.
  • Large handles on two sides.
  • Resistant to UV rays and rain.


  • Nothing to fault.

  • 【Improved material】 – The waterproof cover of the Unicook gas grill is made of…
  • 【Handles and straps】 – Durable fabric handles on two sides for easy adjustment and removal…
  • Covered vents: Wide, covered mesh vents on both sides for air circulation…

Classic Accessories Veranda

Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda Waterproof 58" BBQ Grill Cover

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The Classic Accessories Porch Grill Cover is designed specifically for Weber grills, but will also work with Char-Broil, Brinkmann and other top grill brands. Because the Porch Grill Cover comes in a variety of sizes(8 in total), YOU should be able to find the right cover for any grill.

What separates the Porch Grill Cover from the Unicook Cover is the splash guard on the underside. When transporting, the splash guard is not very practical because you have to slide it away to be able to move the grill. But as far as protection goes, it’s great as it prevents splashes reaching the grill from below.

The porch grill cover also has a waterproof backing to prevent water from showing. But it goes without saying that downpours are likely to negate the deck’s water protection.

What is striking about the porch grill cover is that it is brown in color unlike most grill covers which are black. Light brown doesn’t make the deck more protective, but it does make the porch more attractive.

Unfortunately the color fades over time as it doesn’t seem to have any UV protection.


  • Attractive brown colour.
  • Available in 8 sizes.
  • Padded carry handles.
  • Protects grills from water and splashes.


  • The case will fade over time.
  • THE CLASSIC ACCESSORY DIFFERENCE: Porch covers take it a step further with taped seams on the inside…
  • PREMIUM GRILL COVERS: Fits 58″L x 24″D x 48″H grills
  • WEBER GRILL COVER: Suitable for Weber Genesis II gas grill model E-310, Spirit model E-310 gas grill,…

Water-Resistant 38 Inch BBQ Grill Cover

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Weber 36 Inch SmokeFire Cover

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Kingkong 7553 Gas Grill Cover

King Kong 7553 Gas Grill Cover

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If you own a Weber grill, this Kingkong cover may be the best option for you. This cover is available in several finishes specially designed for Weber grills such as: B. Genesis I/O grills, Spirit II 200, Summit 400 and more.

The Kingkong Grill Cover also fits other brands of molded and full size grills, but works best with Weber grills.

When it comes to protection and durability, the Kingkong cover can do well: it’s waterproof and UV resistant. Kingkong also advertises that the cover is waterproof, although it really isn’t, as water seeps through it when it rains.

Interestingly, Kingkong also includes a few accessories with the lid: a grill brush , a thermometer, and tongs. If you don’t have any of those accessories, this case is pretty nice, but don’t expect too much from them. If you are serious about grilling, you should look for better separate grilling accessories.


  • Made specifically for Weber grill models(although it may work with others).
  • Resistant to water and UV rays.
  • Includes a grill brush, tongs and a thermometer.
  • 36 month guarantee.


  • 【Available dimensions and sizes】 Product dimensions: 60″W x 24″D x 44″H, fits most…
  • 【High-strength and upgradable material】 The Kingkong grill cover is made of high-quality fresh…
  • 【Easy to clean and easy to remove】 Easy to clean grill cover, wash with water and…

Large gas grill with black cover to protect against inclement weather

Why do you Need a Grill Cover?

I spent a small fortune on my grill. That’s motivation enough to keep him going for as long as possible. One way to do this is to protect it from the outside elements. Too much rain, direct sunlight, etc. will cause damage. Insert the BBQ grill cover. 

A good cover will protect your grill from the weather and help your patio kitchen function for years. Protect it from rain, snow and moisture to ensure your grill does not rust.

In addition to the elements, a cover protects the grill from other types of runoff. Tree sap, bird drops, and pollen are all unusual things I’ve seen on the grill! A cover protects your kitchen from unwanted surprises.

Features to Consider

Are you looking for a grill cover? You need to look for a few essential features and make sure you get the right one and get the job done. There are different manufacturers, all of which pride themselves on their special features. That’s why it’s important to know what works for you.


The purpose of a grill cover is to protect the grill. Like any outdoor cookware, a grill is vulnerable to external influences. A grill cover should be made of a material that can help keep unwanted elements out. This is primarily influenced by the type of material the cover is made of. Manufacturers use a variety and this also affects how high or low the price is.

Make sure the material is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor cooking. Something strong is often a big help. One of the most common grill cover materials is polyester. It is a lightweight material and also holds out various weather elements. This makes this material versatile and allows you to use it effectively in all months of the year. 

In most cases, polyester stands up to water and sun damage thanks to chemical treatments. It’s also durable and will likely last you for a while. You can also use tarpaulins, which are also durable and weather-resistant. It’s also on the lower end of the cost range and should be seen as such. In addition to weather influences, canvas can also protect against fire. It is often used as an alternative to polyester. 

While these are not the only materials that can be used, they are among the most durable. Feel free not to be guided by the price. Inferior materials tend to be found at the lower end of the price scale. Still may not fully protect the grill and therefore may cost you more when replacing the grill. 


The grill cover you receive should be large enough to cover the entire grill. You can get a cover made of the right material, but certain parts can be left exposed and vulnerable to damage if it’s too small to cover the grill. Just remember that not all grills are created equal in terms of size or shape, and neither are covers. Therefore, it is best to have your grill’s dimensions to hand when purchasing a cover.

Some grills come with a cover so you can save yourself the search. But if not, YOU can refer to the manual which may have the exact dimensions. And if it isn’t, you may need to measure it yourself. Include any accessories and attachments that it may come with. If the cover does not fit, the purpose of protection is defeated. 

I would go up a size instead if you can’t find the perfect fit. Also make sure you get a cover that is easy to put on and take off. The harder it is to use, the more likely it is that you won’t use it often. It’s just not meant to be rocket science. 


You can also consider the look and design of the cover. Those that come with the grill usually have the manufacturer’s logo placed visually. However, this may not be the case if you buy it separately. Design is a personal and subjective choice of what you like. I prefer the darker colors that don’t show dirt considering the cover is for an outside grill. 

Besides the looks, you can also check out how easy it is to clean. If it’s too tedious, there’s a good chance the result won’t look perfect 3/4 of the time because it’s littered with dirt. Find something that you can easily wash or clean even after a long day. Some decks only require you to spray on. This is my favorite and easy way of cleaning.


The grill cover is used on a grill that is usually kept outdoors or in a place where it might rain. The most important thing about covering your grill is to protect it. As such, you don’t want to let water in and remember that grills don’t come cheap. The last thing you want is for it to be damaged by natural processes like rain. 

Covers like canvas are usually waterproof and offer more protection. It may seem harmless, but sometimes even a light rain can affect the grill. You’ll also want to check the seams and make sure they’re fully sealed and there’s no room for leaks.  


A grill cover should also have enough fasteners to hold it in place and also cover the grill. Grab handles on the grill cover and vents could ensure there are no unwanted movements exposing the grill to potential elements. Make sure the clamp mechanism is durable and will not move once attached. 

Also make sure that once attached there is no room for moisture, wind or other potentially unwanted elements. 

UV Protection

Grill covers should be able to protect your grill from more than just rain and sun. You should also protect the grill. This is an essential feature if you live in a very hot part of the country. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can withstand the grill. Think ahead and anticipate how the weather might suggest the grill. 

You should also make sure the cover is fade resistant. The sun’s rays can cause some materials to fade and spoil the appearance of the surface. 

Can you Put a Grill Cover on a Warm Grill?

Do not use your grill cover while your grill is still warm or hot. The covers are waterproof but not fire retardant. If you put your cover on the grill while it’s still hot, you risk setting it on fire. If your grill is not heat-resistant, the synthetic materials in the cover may melt when exposed to heat.

How Long do you Wait to Put Grill Cover On?

Wait for the outside of the grill lid to feel cool. This is usually 20 to 30 minutes. If serving and eating immediately after grilling, leave the grill lid open(weather permitting) to allow the entire area to cool. When YOU are done eating, the pot should be cool enough to cover securely.

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