Top 5 Magnetic Knife Holders [Bars, Blocks, Sets]


The best knife storage solutions are the simplest. There are many ways to keep your kitchen knives within reach, from natural wood bars to countertop blocks. Find out everything you need to know with our guide to the best magnetic knife holders.

mangontic knife holder reviews
  • Best Magnetic Knife Holder – FINDKING Magnetic Organizer
    attractive teak finish, strong and reliable magnetic handle and plenty of storage space make this the perfect holder for your steak knife collection.
  • Runner-up: HMmagnets Store 17-Inch
    for wall or block mounting, this simple knife holder offers convenient and secure storage without breaking the bank.
  • Best Budget Choice – Modern Innovations
    but beautiful aesthetics and can be wall mounted to save space.

All grill masters and pitmasters need easy access to knives but without all the clutter and clutter that comes with an arsenal of grilling tools.

A magnetic knife holder is a great way to store knives while providing quick and easy access when you need them.

In this guide we take a look at the best magnetic knife holders the grilling world has to offer and the key features to look out for. Let’s get into that.

FINDKING Teak Magnetic Knife Block

FINDKING Magnetic Knife Block Teak Knife Holder Kitchen Knife Set Storage Organizer

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FINDKING’s magnetic knife block offers a different aesthetic. With its attractive teak finish, this magnetic knife holder is the perfect choice for traditional kitchen styles. And overall we think this is the most attractive knife holder on this list.

The processing quality of the FINDKING Knight Stand also seems to be very good.

This knife block is also quite good in terms of functionality. It has a knife holding area of ​​8.7 x 10.8 inches(H x W) which should hold 5-6 knives depending on size.

The magnets also seem very strong. Holding heavy knives several times shouldn’t be a problem for him. 

The base of the FINDKING knife block is also wide and stable and also features non-slip feet to keep your knife safe.

What we Like

  • Good looking.
  • Pretty sturdy and high quality.

What we Don’t Like

  • Expensive.
  • DESIGN APPROACH – Our approach to offer our customers a new way to proudly display their Findking…
  • DIMENSIONS: The height of the magnetic knife block is 22 cm(8.7 inches). what allowed…
  • Teak Wood – Findking’s magnetic knife block is made from “teak wood”. Teak is…

Modern Innovations 15-3/4-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar

Modern innovations 16 inch stainless steel magnetic knife strip

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If you’re looking for something relatively affordable, this Magnetic Knife Bar from Modern Innovations might be a great option. It goes without saying that YOU will have to sacrifice some quality for the price, but that’s probably fine for people buying at this price point.

Although this magnetic holder suffices for a metal rod, it can make a world of difference in the aesthetics of some kitchens. Thanks to its simplest look, it should go well with modern kitchens that are particularly simple.

Designed for wall mounting, the Modern Innovations magnet is also space-saving as it doesn’t require any shelf space for installation.

This magnetic knife bar is 15-3/4 inches tall while the thickness is 3/4 inches. This makes this knife holder quite roomy and should hold a good number of knives.

In terms of traction, however, this knife bar is on the weaker side. May not be able to hold large knives or kitchen utensils. Also, there seem to be some quality control issues as the staff has some points of weaker magnetic attraction than the rest of the surface.

What we Like

  • Payable.
  • Fits well in elegant and modern kitchens.
  • Requires no storage space.

What we Don’t Like

  • Relatively low holding power.
  • You may have points with a weaker magnetic attraction.
  • ★Powerful magnetic knife bar: This modern magnetic knife bar consists of strong magnets and…
  • ★ Robust, modern design: This magnetic knife holder has a fully magnetic surface…
  • ★ Organize everything: This magnetic strip has an extended length that allows you to do more…

HMmagnets Store 17-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar

17" Premium Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Rack for Wall - Professional Magnetic Knife Rack

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The magnetic knife bar from HMmagnets is slightly more expensive than the holder from Modern Innovations just tested. Superficially seems to offer better quality. The force of the magnet appears to be even across the entire surface of the rod, and you can store heavier utensils on this tool as well.

The included hardware is a bit of junk, though, so you might want to find something better to replace it with.

In addition to the noticeable differences in quality, the cutter bar from HMmagnets is also longer than the Modern Innovations stand: 17 inches. There is a little more space for knives and other kitchen utensils.

In terms of design and comfort, the HMmagnets magnetic knife does not differ significantly from the Modern Innovations holder. It’s also stylish and ideal for modern kitchens and requires no counter space to install.

HMmagnets also offers this knife stand in two versions: one is designed for wall mounting, the other can be mounted on the refrigerator. However, the Never version is certainly more expensive. 

What we Like

  • Strong magnets.
  • Excellent for modern and minimal kitchens.
  • Requires no storage space.

What we Don’t Like

  • It comes with mediocre mounting hardware.
  • EXTRA STRONG MAGNETS – Bring a *NEW UPDATED* 17″ Stainless Steel Knife Holder to your…
  • SECURE ANY TYPE OF KNIFE – This magnetic knife strip is specially designed to * ANY KNIVES…
  • SIMPLE AND ELEGANT MODERN DESIGN: Our HMmagnets 17” magnetic knife holder is made of…

Secura Magnetic Knife Block

Secura knife block, universal magnetic knife holder, bamboo knife holder for display shelf and kitchen cutlery organizer

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This magnetic knife block from Secura is one of the most interesting magnetic knife holders you will find. The highlight of this knife block is the acrylic protection on the magnetic surfaces. Acrylic covers keep the blades out of reach, which is especially important if you have curious kids.

In contrast to conventional knife blocks & YOU push the blades onto the magnets from above. With normal knife blocks, you only need to put the blade against the magnetic surface, which irons you more conveniently. 

We wouldn’t call the Secura knife block bad comfort, but it does take some getting used to.

Aside from the acrylic covers, the beauty of the Secura Magnetic Knife Block is also that it is double sided. It has two magnetic boards measuring approximately 8.6″H x 10.5″W, which means it offers twice the knife capacity of the FINDKING knife block we just tested.

Magnetic boards get pretty strong, and YOU shouldn’t be fighting with bigger, heavier knives.

The bamboo construction of the Secura magnetic knife block is also exceptionally beautiful. We like the look of the FINDKING knife holder better, but we also appreciate the clean look of the Secura bamboo block.

What we Like

  • Double faces.
  • Attractive bamboo structure.
  • Acrylic protective covers on the magnet blocks.

What we Don’t Like

  • Because of the acrylic covers, YOU must insert the blades from the top.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Tired of a messy kitchen counter? You need a partner to help you organize…
  • IMPROVED MAGNET – With four super-strong hidden magnets, this knife holder can hold many…
  • EXTENDED BASE AND NON-SLIP FEET: This bamboo knife holder with a 4.5-inch base includes a…

Msbenick Magnetic Knife Holder Block

Mbenick magnetic knife holder Magnetic knife block made of pure bamboo

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This block from Mbenick looks very similar to the Secura knife holder but doesn’t have the unique acrylic covers over the magnetic board. This makes this knife block as safe as a normal magnetic knife block.

On the other hand, if you put the knives in the holder, they will be easier to remove since you don’t slide between the acrylic and the magnetic board.

The design of the Mbenick magnetic knife holder is reminiscent of the Secura knife holder, but there are a few differences. This knife holder is slightly wider, 11.8 inches, so it can hold more knives. Also, the magnets on this knife holder seem to be a bit weaker, making super heavy knives too much for it.

Despite this, we like the overall construction of the Msbenick knife holder and we love its ease of use. Thanks to the wide, double-sided magnetic surface, you can also store more knives on this plate than on other counter holders.

What we Like

  • Double sided design
  • Quite wide and roomy.
  • Beautiful bamboo construction.

What we Don’t Like

  • Weak magnet.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Made from natural bamboo which is 100% sustainable and safe to use. With super…
  • Overall dimensions: 12″ L x 7.9″ W x 3.9″ H. Magnetic knife holder holds at least 10…
  • Solid Construction: This kitchen knife holder not only looks great on a countertop, but…

Not sure where to start when choosing your knife holder? Deciding where YOU place your knife can come down to personal style, decorating trends, safety concerns, or practicality. Kitchen design also considers how and where YOU place your knives, whether it’s a simple chef’s knife or a specialty chest knife.

Here’s everything you need to know. Among other things, whether support blocks or strips are good for your blades, which knives these holders can be attached to and whether you can hang a magnetic knife holder vertically or not.

Advantages of a Magnetic Knife Holder

Now let’s go deep, okay? Magnetic knife holders have several advantages over other knife storage options. When it comes to interior decorating, including kitchen decorating, the reasons for doing something can range from functional to decorative to fashionable, so whatever floats your boat is the driving force behind your decisions.

Space Savers

Magnetic knife holders have advantages such as saving space. Unlike a knife block, which must stand on a countertop, the knife holder does not take up countertop space. You can place these shelves in otherwise unused areas as it may seem like they’re in an awkward space, but a knife fits the bill perfectly. 


It’s also a great organizational technique and a great way to display your knife set. Of course, if you’d rather keep them out of sight, this isn’t the knife holder for you. If you like a less cluttered space and want everything in its place, this knife stand will give you an idea. 


A knife holder is more hygienic than a wooden holder. There are no hidden nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide. Knife blocks made of wood are often very difficult to clean properly and completely combat bacteria. They have many hidden corners that can provide breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This is also because the wood absorbs moisture from the knives if it is not properly dried. 

Security Concerns

Magnetic knife holders can be placed on a wall away from children who may grab the knives and interfere. Unlike drawers and knife blocks that children can easily get into. 

Easy to Reach

Your knives are easy for you to reach but hard for children to reach. There is no drawer to open or block to get them out. Easy to reach also means YOU don’t have to worry about drawers with dirty hands opening to get a knife while cooking. 

How many times have you had to clean out closets and other utensils because you had to fumble around to find what you wanted? With a magnetic knife holder, you don’t have to worry about that. 

Easy to Identify

With knife blocks you sometimes wonder which knife you will pull out next. Especially the wooden ones keep the blade hidden so it becomes a game of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, you never know what you might get. But with a magnetic blade holder, all blades are clearly visible so YOU ​​can reach the knife you want at any time. Magnetic knife holders look good and add a touch of modernity and functionality to the kitchen. 

Helps protect knife edges from dulling. Magnetic knife holders help keep knife blades separated and prevent them from dulling like being rubbed against different surfaces like a drawer or knife block. 

Features to Consider

When shopping for a magnetic knife holder, consider how easy it is to clean, how effectively it holds knives, and how easy it is to install. These are just some of the features to consider.  

Installation Considerations

Make sure the strip can hold onto your wall or any other surface you want to attach the strip to. YOU may also want to think about its dimensions and make sure it fits in the space you have and can hold your knife as well. 

Also check which method WILL be used to ensure the strip stays on the wall. Some are drilled into the surface while others are glued. 


A magnetic knife holder can be made out of wood, plastic, stainless steel, a magnet and screws or adhesive materials. 

Which Knives Can Magnetic Knife Holders Accommodate?

The knives that can be placed in the holder depending on the magnet used. Your number one candidate is metal knives.

Where do you Install a Holder?

The best thing about magnetic knife holders is that they can be quickly placed anywhere in the kitchen. That’s why they’re so popular in smaller kitchens. Here are a few ideas that might work for you. You can install the mount:

  • Over the kitchen sink
  • Behind the stove 
  • On the tiles above your counter 
  • On the splash guard 
  • On a wall near where you want to reach it quickly
  • In your pantry door 
  • Or the outside of your pantry door

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have burning questions about where to start with knife holders? Our FAQs will help you with this.


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