Top 5 Pizza Stones For Gas Grill [Cordierite, Thermabond, Pizzacraft]


Recreate the magic of wood fired pizza with our guide to the best pizza stones for gas grills.

Reviews of the best pizza stones for the gas grill

The good news is that you no longer need a disposable wood stove. Instead, YOU can recreate the art of cooking on your propane grill with pizza stone inserts.

Here are five of the best gas grill pizza stones for you to start cooking the dough today!

Pizzacraft 16.5” Round ThermaBond

16.5" round ThermaBond for Pizzacraft

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This Pizzacraft 16.5-inch round pizza stone is one of the heavier options on our list. Made from Thermabond material, this pizza stone is extremely temperature resistant, making it safe for use on gas grills.

At 16.5 inches, Pizzacraft is also one of the largest pizza stones on our list. ALLOWS YOU to bake huge pizzas and provide greater versatility when baking different sized pizzas.

Pizzacraft also offers a rectangular version of this pizza stone. If you plan on making more than one pizza, the rectangular stone may be a better option. It has the same features as the round pizza stone, so it’s a good buy for the money!

Thermabond material is not only heat resistant but also FDA safe. A small number of people, however, are aware of a chemical odor that goes away after a few heating cycles. However, most buyers don’t seem to have a problem with smells, so you probably won’t find them.


  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Large 16.5 inch size.
  • FDA safe material


  • Slight chemical odor after prolonged use


  • Make and bake your favorite pizza in your oven or on your grill
  • Made from 100% natural, FDA safe, thermal shock resistant Thermabond material
  • Homemade bread, pastries and even frozen pizza cook evenly on the stone surface.


CastElegance Round

Round elegance

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This CastElegance round pizza stone is slightly more expensive than the Pizzacraft stone, but may offer better pizza-making results.

This pizza stone is made of Thermarite, an engineered tuff cordierite. This is a food safe material that seems to absorb moisture from the pizza better than other pizza stones, creating that delicious crispy crust.

Thermarite is also odorless and most people have not noticed any odor at all. However, some buyers were not so lucky and can use the stone to make the smell go away.

The CastElegance pizza stone is available in two sizes: 14″ and 16″. Unless you’re making regular pizzas, the 14-inch stone should be fine. It’s also cheaper than the 16-inch Stone, so it’s probably a better buy for most people.

Notably, each stone comes with instructions for use and care, a free recipe e-book(a nice bonus for beginners), and a 4 x 5 scraper . For the price, the CastElegance pizza stone offers real value too! Pretty much Colon!


  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Includes a free recipe e-book and scraper.
  • Strong and durable Thermarit material.
  • FDA food safe


  • It may take a few uses for the smell to go away.
  • Really expensive
  • Crispy Crust – Make restaurant-quality pizzas at home without a bulky wood-fired oven or…
  • Extreme Variety – Wipe clean with a damp cloth(no soap or water) when finished. Our pizza stones…
  • EXCELLENT DURABILITY AND HEAT RETENTION: Thermarite is durable, strong and has excellent heat resistance…

JulyPanny 15″ Pizza Stone

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This JulyPanny 15 inch pizza stone is quite attractively priced for its size. It’s not too cheap, but given its 15-inch size, it’s a very good buy for the money!

The heart of the JulyPanny pizza stone is cordierite. Cordierite isn’t the best on the market in terms of crunch(if you want crunch, you clay), but it’s tough enough to withstand the temperatures of a gas grill. This pizza stone is molded under 400 tons of pressure and heated to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit for hours, so it should be pretty sturdy.

JulyPanny also touts that cordierite allows this pizza stone to heat evenly, so you should end up with a perfectly even, crispy pizza after baking.

Cordierite doesn’t generally smell bad, but that wasn’t the case for some buyers of this pizza stone. Again, this pizza stone has a very high rating and most people have had no problems with it, but some buyers have had to deal with an unpleasant odor.


  • It’s not too expensive for its size.
  • 15 inch size – perfect for large pizzas!
  • Extremely heat resistant


  • Some buyers have noticed odors when using it for the first time.
  • The pizza stones are made of all-natural cordierite and are hammered through 400 tons…
  • Made of cordierite stone, no odor; Preheat oven or grill to 787°C. Perfect for…
  • Measures 15″ diameter, 3/8″ gold thickness, weighs up to 6.5 lbs, heat evenly distributed…

Hans Grill 15 x 12″ Rectangular Pizza Stone

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This pizza stone is a great purchase if you want a crispy pizza. Although all of our top tines bake crispy pizzas, this pizza stone seems to work the best. At least a few people have complained about the critical crispiness of this particular pizza stone.

Apparently made of ceramic, the Hans Grill pizza stone also withstands high temperatures and can be used with a gas grill without hesitation.

Thanks to its rectangular shape, this pizza stone is ideal for baking two smaller pizzas. You can also bake a large pizza, but not as big as our previous picks. View of the size of these dings(15 x 12 inches) are the most 12 inch pizzas you can bake.

As a nice bonus, Hans Grill includes a wooden pizza board with this pizza stone. The tear-off board is pretty handy, but you can definitely find better boards out there.

In terms of smell, it’s very unlikely you’ll find one on this pizza stone. A few people have complained about this, but not as many as our previous recommendations.


  • Ideal for baking more than one pizza.
  • Including pizza stone and pizza peel.
  • Achieve a wonderful crust


  • Expensive


  • THE ULTIMATE FREE PEELING PIZZONE SET – Our wooden pizza stone and pizza shovel were…
  • BAKED or BBQ ITALIAN PIZZA – Soggy bottoms are a thing of the past! This pizza made of cordierite…
  • OVEN, GRILL, GRILL OR COUNTERTOP – These pizza stones are designed to be used quickly anywhere.

Lirradight 10.5″ Pizza Stone

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If you want to bake small pizzas, consider this Lirradight 10.5-Inch Pizza Stone. It’s fairly inexpensive, yet enough for most pizza-making needs.

In terms of construction and quality, the Lirradight pizza stone is very similar to the JulyPanny stone discussed above. Both are made from compression molded cordierite that is heated to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is a pizza stone that is extremely heat resistant and distributes the heat evenly.

What struck us about this stone is that at the time of writing this review, no one has complained about any smell. Well, this pizza stone was less popular than others(it only had 40 user reviews on Amazon versus hundreds for pizza stones), but it’s still a good sign that no one has complained so far.


  • Quite cheap
  • Ideal for small pizzas.
  • Extremely heat resistant


  • Expensive

Why use a Pizza Stone? 

A pizza stone is ideal for preparing your pizza perfectly. While you can still use your regular oven to cook your pizza, you’ll find that the result doesn’t necessarily have to be the same. Regular ovens don’t burn fast enough and hot enough to generate the right amount of heat for you to get crispy crisp and still have ingredients that aren’t overcooked. 

The best thing about a pizza stone is that it BECOMES a high heat point in an oven. The stone is eaten and then held at high temperatures, which helps you cook the pizza at high temperatures without burning the ingredients. It works in a similar way to a conventional stone oven. When you place the pizza on the stone, the dough cooks instantly. 

Using a pizza stone on your propane grill will result in faster cooking times and a crispier crust. Some might argue that the crust tastes better this way, but of course taste is subjective. However, I would use a pizza stone if you want authentic tasting pizza but don’t have an outdoor pizza oven

Important Functions

When purchasing a pizza stone, there are certain characteristics that you need to consider. These features ensure you get the most out of your oven. If you’re not sure which is why you should search, you could fall for marketing tricks and end up with a less modular brick. Let’s take a look at some of these features.


Pizza stones can mean the difference between a perfect slice of pizza and a soft piece of dough that looks just like pizza. The material of a pizza stone is made of determines how it radiates and distributes heat. That is why an important feature. 

Common materials that can be used to make pizza stones are ceramic, clay, or cordierite. It’s better to know how these materials react and what they contribute to an informed decision. 

The clay gives it a crispy crust. However, preheating takes some time. If you’re pressed for time, this may not be for you. Ceramics must be properly preheated to avoid cracking. Nevertheless, it heats evenly. Cordierite withstands heat well and is less likely to crack. It is also a durable material and will last for a while.


Does the size of the pizza stone used matter? If ha. There are three dimensions that you need to consider. These are length, width and thickness. You want to make sure the length and width are always the same. This way YOU can rotate the stone if necessary. 

You should also look for a stone that fits in the oven and has enough surface area for different sized pizzas. You don’t want to have to change the stone for every size you cook. Remember that a larger cooking surface also means more room for the pizza to cook properly without overcrowding the ingredients. 

Size also matters in the sense that the stone shouldn’t be too narrow for your oven. It is necessary to leave a little space so that air can circulate inside. A larger surface area means faster cooking time as well as better heat retention. 

Note, however, that a larger surface area also means it takes longer to heat up and cool down. In addition, a thicker stone leads to better heat retention. It also increases the time it takes to heat and cool the stone. 

Another benefit of a thick pizza stone is that it doesn’t break easily. To be safe, use a stone no thinner than 5/8 inch. It’s rare to find anything thicker than 1 inch. 

While you might think that a larger stone will take too long to heat up, consider that it will cook faster. When it finally gets hot, YOU won’t regret choosing a larger stone. 


The shape of the stone also plays a role. You can get them in different forms; However, the most common is a round or square stone. The forms have very similar functions; However, they differ slightly in the product. 

Round stone is often preferred. It looks like your pizza crust, so it will be heated inch by inch. The similar shapes mean the stone will heat your pizza crust more effectively than a square or rectangular shape, that is, unless the pizza is also square. The main problem is that round stones are not as flexible as square or rectangular ones. 

A square or rectangular pizza stone usually offers more space. This means you also have better heat retention. As such, it will also help you get a crispier crust. You may also find that it cooks faster when there is more surface area. 

Heat Threshold and Distribution

In order to get a crispy dough, the pizza stone has to reach very high temperatures. However, getting a pizza stone that gets hot isn’t enough. You also need to make sure the stone material retains enough heat to properly cook the pizza and give it a visibly crispy crust. If the floor gets hot enough, the topping won’t burn. 

You also want to make sure the stone can distribute the heat evenly so the pizza cooks well from end to end. The layout is also an important feature. 

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