Top 5 Poultry Shears [Chicken & Turkey Meat Prep]


With poultry shears, YOU can quickly prepare the meat for your next butterfly chicken or turkey. Sturdy, easy to use and sharp, they’re a huge improvement over standard kitchen scissors. Find your next favorite trimming tool today with our guide to the best poultry shears.

Poultry shears gear guide

If you regularly prepare whole cuts of poultry for cooking, a good pair of poultry shears is a must.

Unlike kitchen shears, which are often used to cut raw meat, poultry shears are specifically designed for working with chicken, turkey or duck. Their serrated blades make boning quick and easy, while their ergonomic handles make them safe and comfortable to use.

However, because of this unique design, choosing the right one is crucial. We’ve rounded up five of the best and most important criteria YOU need to consider when choosing your next pair of scissors.

J.A Henkels International

Kitchen scissors JA Henckels International

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The Zwilling JA Henckels poultry shears make slaughtering birds child’s play with their robust construction and sharp blades. You can use these scissors to debone the chicken and remove the neck. They are also useful for removing fat from poultry.

The weapon of choice for the toughest outdoor cooks on the job, these scissors feature stainless steel blades with serrated spear teeth that effortlessly grip tendons and bone for quick work on birds large and small.

Serrated blades are designed to resist corrosion when cutting oily materials while providing excellent grip on poultry bones. Its safety lock prevents the blades from opening during storage and the ergonomic handles facilitate handling. These poultry shears quickly finish chicken breasts or turkey thighs! You can quickly dissect into pieces as the serrated blades do all the work for you.

The flat cutting edge is specifically designed for safety when stored in a drawer or toolbox, and to protect YOU from sensors, the lockable blades ensure your hand is out of harm’s way.

Poultry shears can’t be any better than the usual shears you see around the house. These kitchen scissors have to deal with every kind of moisture, meat, vegetables and all other materials you die in the kitchen when you cut them on a daily basis. Because of this, it needs to be robust and have some more unique properties to be effective.

This is what the kitchen scissors from JA Henckels International stood for . The 3 inch stainless steel blade has fine edges and is ready for everyday cutting tasks. The design also comes with a built in bottle opener which should always come in handy in the kitchen.

This is for precise cutting and does not require a long sharpening, especially if properly aged and cared for. And of course the micro-serrated blades and the handle of these kitchen scissors are very easy to care for. Of course, the handle itself, and not just the blades, are built tough and should be as durable as they come.

It is corrosion resistant and is actually an anti-tarnish steel designed for non-slip cutting. These kitchen scissors also have a serrated section so you can use them to shake off lids, screw caps and nuts with relative ease. It’s a pretty versatile product that can do it all.

Simple and straightforward, but just as effective, you probably don’t need anything else. These Poultry Shears should always be by your side and WILL serve as your little helper when preparing family meals. In addition, it is quite practical, compact and easy to hang or store away so that you can access it at any time.

  • 3.5″ steel blades
  • Serrated blades for hard materials
  • Blade lock for security when storing.

Kitchen Shears Wusthof WU5558

Cake scissors Wusthof WU5558

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Wüsthof kitchen scissors come in a piece design that can be handy in many ways. It should be suitable for many cutting activities like cutting flowers, fabrics, rope and grass. It can cut through a large amount of material with ease and is built tough to withstand wear and tear over time.

The integrated design allows you to clean it easily and fairly thoroughly. We know that poultry shears can become stained due to the way they are used, so it is important to clean them as thoroughly as possible to prolong their life. Taking it apart also allows you to sharpen it easily and effectively for the best results.

The handle can be held in the left or right hand. The handle itself has a serrated area that helps with things like jarring lids and other similar tasks. Steel tooth inserts on the handle also help you easily pop caps or open a bottle.

This is a bestseller for many good reasons. It is armed with an 8 inch carbon steel blade. Easily one of the strongest poultry shears on the market today.


  • The blades come in one piece for easy cleaning.
  • Can be held in the right or left hand
  • The handle has a useful jar opener.

Shun Premium

Shun Premium Cake Scissors

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When you think of the Shun Premium Kitchen Scissors, you immediately think of one of the best pieces of cutlery on the market. This Poultry Shears is a brand dedicated to offering only the best products. SHE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN.

This is an effective and reliable tool for preparing your food in the kitchen, from herbs to shrimp. It is very functional and can handle all kinds of tasks. The blades are made of high-quality molybdenum-vanadium hybrid stainless steel with a high carbon content and guarantee a long service life.

The blades can also be detached for easy cleaning and sharpening. But you probably won’t need to sharpen often as the blade edges stay in tip-top shape for a while.

Bacon, tomatoes, poultry or nuts, these scissors have no problem with that and much more. The handles are equipped with a black elastomer grip so that they remain in your hand at all times and do not overstrain you.

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Kitchen Chef Remi Scissors

Chef Remi Ultimate Cake Scissors

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One of the anticipated products on our list for this article is the latest Chef Remi kitchen scissors. Well that’s premium quality if we see one temporarily. It looks very tough and it looks great. And these poultry shears aren’t just aesthetic, they’re badass too.

This durable and effective tool will help you cut a variety of materials. It features a detachable design with micro-serrated blades, cool looking black handle with red trim and a serrated area in the center for many other functions.

This is sharp and made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The serrated edge is also non-slip. The handle is also suitable for left- or right-handed people. Both blades are securely attached and won’t fall apart anytime soon.

As they say, products from Germany are among the strongest and these poultry shears prove that claim is true.

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Good Grips OXO

Poultry shears with resource OXO Good Grips

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The OXO Good Grips Resourceful Poultry Shears are one of the most unique products on our list. And of course that’s not just for show, but also offers functionality like no other.

We must also say that among all the scissors we reviewed in our review, this one really is designed for all types of meat and, as the name suggests, poultry. You also know that it IS made of a material that can handle all the poultry juices, meat and all kinds of properties it has to deal with and it WILL last a long time.

The spring-loaded handle also ensures that your hands are not strained during use. The tapered blades are designed to give you access to hard-to-reach places when working with your meat and poultry. And as a result of their amplification and for them to ensure they improve in your hands at all times.

Durable and effective, we love these poultry shears.

  • 3.5″ steel blades
  • Serrated blades for hard materials
  • Blade lock for security when storing.

Why use poultry shears?

Using kitchen scissors is a great way to cut through skin, flesh, and bone without breaking or tearing. Get a good pair of scissors(a pair of scissors designed specifically for the kitchen). It can be used for various reasons. Shredding chicken or turkey is an easy way to get ahead of the kitchen chores.

Spatchcocking and butterflies

Chicken or turkey can be cooked in a number of ways, and spatchcocking, or as some would call esing butterfly, is one possibility. However, to prepare butterfly chicken turkey , you need to cut it so that it is fully spread out and open. It’s a way to avoid cooking whole, which some people do due to lack of space in the oven to cook it more evenly, or for visual reasons, or maybe if they want their bird to look different.

Carving birds

With kitchen scissors, you can make cuts on both skin and meat without too much trouble. You should also not use a poultry carving knife. Their teeth can clumsily grab the skin and rip it from the flesh. It is important that they are sharp. It’s WILL also help YOU to cut your bird into different pieces without much effort. 


The other reason for using poultry shears is to avoid slippery moments when handling a bird. Kitchen scissors easily cut bones, meat and flesh. The thorax can also be easily cut away, thus ensuring clean cuts. 

Important functions

Grip and comfort

One of the most important things to look for in any kitchen appliance, including scissors, is safety. The mango plays an important role in this. You should hold onto the scissors and make sure they don’t slip out of your hands as you cut the bird. 

Look for a pair that has a small hole for your thumb and a larger hole for the rest of your finger. Comfort is key here. If it’s not comfortable, you most likely don’t want to wear it. If it’s too small, your strength and grip may decrease. The design also helps you apply the necessary pressure without getting in the way. 

To increase the safety aspect, a non-slip grip can make your life easier. When you work in the kitchen, most likely your hands will be wet. You must be careful not to slip the scissors when holding them, even if your hands are wet. Look for plastic or rubber grips.

Fallback mechanism

A good build is also crucial among the top features to look out for. The mechanism of the scissors determines how well they work. You want to make sure it works well and doesn’t bend in your hand. Good tension will help you slice through meat without adding a tone of power. 

Scissors with a spring mechanism are better used by someone whose hand movements may be impaired and who needs a little help applying force and pressure. The scissors resource opens automatically after each cut. If the scissors have a spring system, this means that they must have a locking system so that the blades do not stay open. 

Serrated blades

Serrated blades are one variation YOU can opt for when it comes to kitchen scissors. They help you grip slippery foods like poultry much more easily than with a smooth blade. The tricky part comes when you need to clean the blades. This is due to the edges as the meat can get caught on the edges. They are also harder to sharpen.

Sharp blades

YOU should also make sure the blades are sharp enough to cut through bone. If you want clean cuts and an intact skin, you need to make sure the blades are sharp and cut right through the bone.

Detachable blades

Kitchen scissors often have detachable blades. These are great because they allow you to clean the blades one at a time and avoid damage that is common with kitchen utensils. This will also help you sharpen the blades better.

Scissors against scissors

These terms are often used interchangeably but are not the same thing. They differ from what they are used for to how they are constructed. Poultry shears have unique features that allow you to trim birds more easily and ensure clean cuts. Kitchen shears can be used for general cutting in the kitchen, from herbs to various meats, while poultry shears are made specifically for a chicken.

Poultry shears have a curved blade that makes it possible to cut through an entire blade, while scissors do not. Also, poultry shears have wider handles on each side. Also, you will find that poultry shears have a notch for cutting bones. Kitchen shears are usually shorter than poultry shears. 

How do you use poultry shears?

To sharpen a knife

The first thing to do would be to separate the blades so you can measure yourself in the flesh of anything. Enough YOU to remove all loose parts from the scissors so nothing gets caught in the machine you will be using to sharpen the blades. Or you can use a sharpening block. In that case, you still need to keep any loose parts safe so you don’t.

Then locate the edge of the sheet that has a chamfer. In short, the avant-garde. Place it on the block and match the bevel to the surface of the sharpener. Rub the blade over the sharpener in a circular motion. 

It can quickly feel like you’re scraping small bits of metal off the sharpener. Repeat for all edges. However, you must be careful not to damage the serrated edge of the scissors. 

Meat preparation

You can use poultry shears to dust a bird or cut it into pieces. To make a spatchcock, YOU lay the bird on its front so its spine is pointing toward you. Then go in with the scissors and cut along the spine of the book from bottom to top. Once the spine is removed, the bird opens and spreads. 

Then cut out the sternum, getting two halves. To cut it into individual pieces, follow the natural cutting lines along with the chicken. This way you get the wing, thigh etc. for the thigh and leg parting you can feel where the curve is and cut through there. 


If you have a whole bird and want to carve it after cooking, you can use poultry shears to avoid breaking the skin. Lay the bird on its back. Then use the scissors to cut by inserting them into the cavity and then cutting through to the neck. Open it up and you have two halves. 

You can then continue slicing along the chicken thighs into individual pieces if that’s what you’re looking for. 


To clean poultry shears, you must first remove the blades. So YOU ​​can measure yourself in the different cracks and make sure they are clean. Be sure to wash them every time you use them. Wash the meat with soap and warm water and clean the blades. Keep the scissors dry and well-oiled for best efficiency. 

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