Top 5 Smoker Thermometers of 2022 [Reviewed & Rated]


Grill thermometer with two probes allows you to monitor the temperature of the meat and the smoker, so you can cook your food perfectly every time. Our guide to the best incense thermometers tells you everything you need to know.

Best grill thermometer

There is no art of cooking like grilling, but when done well, it is also one of the most difficult. Part of this is the struggle to keep the good and low smoking temperatures consistent over the hours. Getting a established and accurate incense thermometer is crucial to getting it right.

Dual-probe thermometer allows you to monitor meat and smokehouse heat readings simultaneously. But where can you find readers that are reliable and accurate but won’t break the bank? This guide will show you the five best incense thermometers out there today, as well as the features to look out for so you can find the right option for you.

Let’s get into that.

Wireless Thermometer Riida TM08

Riida TM08 Wireless Meat Thermometer

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The Riida TM08 meat thermometer is a great choice if you don’t need anything fancy. TM08 is good for up to 2 meat probes and doesn’t have bluetooth connectivity which is good if you want something simple.

TM08 is also fairly inexpensive, so works for specialists who don’t need anything super precise or super functional.

Still, this smoking thermometer has some cool features for meat lovers. Out of the box, temperatures were obtained for 9 meats and 5 flavors. In addition, TM08 allows you to set temperature alarms and has countdown and countup timers.

The advertised range is also quite respectable: up to 300 feet. In practice, however, the range will be much less due to obstacles and interference. However, in a backyard, the remote control should work just fine.


  • Cheap
  • Preset temperatures for 9 types of meat and 5 flavors
  • Connection range up to 300 feet


  • Only supports 2 probes


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ThermoPro TP25

ThermoPro TP25 500 patties

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The ThermoPro TP25 is a good option if you want a meat thermometer with Bluetooth connectivity, as well as more probes than the Riida TM08. TP25 supports up to 4 meat probes, and ThermoProcoded kindly includes 4 colored meat probes in the box.

TP25 is also functional. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the Cooking Time Estimator. This function calculates how many minutes until the food has reached the desired temperature. Cook Time Estimator does not always work as there may be variables that the algorithm cannot take into account, but it can be useful in some cases.

You can also set temperature alarms with the TP25 meat thermometer. This smoking thermometer’s alarm feature sends a notification when the meat is within 15, 10, and 5 degrees of the target, allowing you to plan your meal.

The thermometer also records sounding temperatures and graphs them, which is neat and may be useful for some people.

Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to follow the cooking process from your smartphone or tablet. Connection range is advertised as 500ft but is in mint condition, in reality probably closer to 75-100ft.

What’s a bit annoying about TP25 is that the app can be buggy and sometimes loose connection, but ThermoPro updates the app quite often and it seems to get better over time.


  • Contains 4 probes
  • Preset temperatures for 9 types of meat
  • You can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Real-time graphical probe temperatures


  • The app is buggy and needs polishing.


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BFOUR Wireless Bluetooth

BFOUR Bluetooth wireless meat thermometer for grilling

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The BFOUR meat thermometer is a very good option for those on a budget.

The highlight of this smoking thermometer is the inclusion of up to 6 meat samples. BFOUR comes with 3 lists of probes to use, but you can add 3 more. For most people, 3 will probably be more than enough, but it’s nice that the thermometer supports 6 probes.

Another great thing about the BFOUR thermometer is that it can be connected to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth. The app seems reliable and bug-free, while the range is advertised as 100-200 feet depending on how clear your line of sight is.

We also like the large LCD display – it makes reading temperatures really easy. You also get 7 preset temperature settings, and you can add more if you like too.

The BFOUR thermometer also has all the features you want like alarms and timers.

All in all, for the money, you probably won’t find anything better than this incense thermometer. It’s cheap and only time will tell how durable it is, but it’s still a solid option at its price point.


  • Cheap
  • 7 preset temperature settings
  • Contains 3 and supports up to 6 probes
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Big screen


  • Nothing to complain about


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ENZOO wireless

ENZOO Wireless meat thermometer for grilling

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The ENZOO wireless meat thermometer offers performance over longer ranges. It’s advertised as working up to 500 feet, and while those are probably ideal conditions, a few hundred feet doesn’t seem like much of a problem for this thermometer.

The display of the ENZOO meat thermometer is also very nice. It’s large and has a wide viewing angle, making it easy to read temperatures from a distance.

ENZOO also includes 4 color coded meat probes with this meat thermometer. Temperature accuracy is reported to be +/- 1 degree, so it seems more accurate than previous thermometers.

The thermometer also has preset temperatures for 11 types of meat, and YOU can also adjust any settings if needed.

Last but not least, we like the included storage bag – it’s large, protects and organizes all the accessories.


  • Includes 4 color coded meat probes.
  • Preset temperatures for 11 types of meat
  • Large screen with wide viewing angles
  • Wireless range up to 500 feet
  • It comes with a very practical storage box.


  • No Bluetooth connection
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NutriChef Bluetooth Smart Thermometer

NutriChef Bluetooth Smart Grill Thermometer

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The NutriChef Smart Thermometer is another great choice if you need more probes. It comes with 2 lists of probes to use but supports up to 6. A single probe variant of this thermometer is also available which may work well for some people.

This thermometer is Bluetooth compatible again, so you can track meat temperatures from your smartphone or tablet. The mobile app displays real-time temperatures, sends alerts and notifications when meat approaches target temperature, and saves temperature history.

One thing to note about this thermometer is that it doesn’t support Wi-Fi, despite what the product title might suggest. It only connects to smartphones via Bluetooth. NutriChef is misleading the shopper here for some reason, although he doesn’t believe that the brand has bad intentions.


  • Contains 2 probes and supports up to 6
  • Bluetooth support
  • Single probes available variant
  • Large, easy-to-read screen


  • There’s no Wi-Fi support, so the product name is a bit misleading
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Important Functions

When looking for a roasting thermometer, as with any other accessory, it is important to know which features to look for. This will help you know if you are getting quality and also if the thermometer will do what you need and if it is something that you can use easily. 


This is a big part of finding the right thermometer. It could even be said that this is the only reason you need to get one. The best way to regulate your smoker’s temperature is with a proven accurate thermometer. The old way of reaching over the smoker WILL NOT give you an accurate reading. There is no way to tell the temperature by sight or touch. The best thing you can do is feel if it’s hot, warm, or cold, which doesn’t do you much good. 

When smoking, precision is important so you know exactly when the food is ready and when it needs more time in the smoker. The temperature of a food indicates whether it is safe or not. And that’s why it’s important that the reading YOU get from the thermometer is very close together, or at most about 5°F from either side. 

Number of Probes 

The number of probes on smoking thermometer helps you measure the internal temperature of the food you’re smoking, which means you’re not cutting into the meat or food. A dual probe thermometer allows you to use two probes to measure the temperature of the smoker and the temperature of the meat you are cooking. 

The two probes help you know when food is at a safe eating temperature and what temperatures are in the smoker. You can also use both probes to measure meat temperature from different angles. You can divide temperature sensors into four categories:

  1. The RTD is one of the most accurate and also one of the most expensive. It consists of a piece of wire wrapped around a ceramic or glass core.
  2. The thermocouple probe only takes about two to five seconds to provide a reading. This makes them a hit with anyone looking for a quick-to-read thermometer. At the end of the probe, the tips are two fine wires that help bring food up to temperature. The downside is that it needs minor calibration.
  3. based on semiconductors record the temperatures that are collected together with the bimetallic coil. The downside is that this type can take a while to get a reading, around 20 seconds. Also, you need to make sure you insert the tubing at least 2 to 3 inches deep.
  4. Negative Temperature Coefficient(NTC) Thermistor. This uses the resistance changes in the protein. As temperatures rise, resistance decreases and this helps you get accurate temperature readings. 

Wireless or Bluetooth Capabilities

When a thermometer is wireless, it’s also easier to control remotely. Nowadays you can also find a thermometer with Bluetooth function that will show you the temperature even when you are not near the grill. But it still hath to be within reach. In most cases, this thermometer transmits temperature and time information to the device, keeping it updated on the smoking progress.

Temperature Range

The temperature range of thermistor thermometers is -100°C to 620°F, while resistance temperature detectors range from -100°F to 1200°F. Thermocouple thermometer ranges from 390°F to 1400°F.

How to Set Up Your Smoker Thermometer

In most cases, a built-in thermometer is installed closer to the top of the smoker. But this often gives you an incorrect reading that is off by several degrees. For a more accurate measurement, it is advisable to place the thermometer slightly above the grid, closer to the food. Here are the steps you need to take to install an effective thermometer in your smoker. 

  • If a hole isn’t already there, drill one right next to the grids, making sure the hole is big enough to accommodate the thermometer wire. Position this hole 2 to 3 inches above the rack where you will be placing the food.
  • Now insert the stem of the thermometer through the hole in the cooking space. 
  • Once that’s done, put the nut on and tighten just enough to hold everything in place.

All thermometers perform some form of calibration, especially when they are new. If you use it frequently, you should also make sure that it WILL be calibrated every two weeks. To calibrate your thermometer using the ice method:

  • Fill a glass with crushed ice
  • Place the thermometer probe into the jar, making sure it does not touch the sides of the jar or the bottom. Stir lightly.
  • Then wait until the temperature reaches 32°F or 0°C. If this does not reach the reading, you can press the button to reset it until it reaches this temperature. 

Or you can use the cooking method to recalibrate. 

  • Pour distilled water into a deep saucepan and bring to a boil.
  • With the pan still on the heat, place the probe in the center of everything
  • Then the temperature reading stabilizes. The thermometer should read 212°F or 100°C.

Using both methods will ensure YOU get a more accurate reading. 

How to Take care of Your Smoker Thermometer

To ensure your thermometer stays in top condition, here are a few maintenance tips to follow;

  • Always keep clean. Be sure to clean the probe and thermometer after each use. When you clean it, just use water and maybe a mild detergent instead of completely submerging it in water. I also like to clean it first so I know I’m inserting a clean tube. You can clean it with warm water or rubbing alcohol.
  • To do this, always store it so that the tube is covered with the tube cap, if available
  • Be sure to store it in a cool, dry place.

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