Top 6 Grill Baskets of 2022 [Fish, Vegetables, Cages, & More]


Grill baskets are the ideal tool for all lovers of grilled fish and vegetables. They keep fragile foods intact and prevent them from failing through the grill crevices. In this guide, see the best grill baskets the grilling world has to offer and what features to look out for.

The best grill baskets

If you’ve had a temporary problem with grilled chicken sticking to your grill , then you know how painful moving it can be.

Luckily, good grill baskets have made a name for themselves in the grilling world and are widely available.

The best make it easy to cook fish, vegetables, or chicken without them sticking to the cooking surface. Others also allow you to cook in marinades or liquids to further enhance the flavor of your food.

Not sure where to start? Here are six of the best, plus bonus features and plugins to look out for.

Let’s get into that!

Original Weber Stainless Steel


Weber 6471 Original stainless steel fish basket

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Although Weber originally marketed this basket specifically for the Q300 and Q320 range grills, the truth is that it can be used on virtually any small grill.

The Weber grilling basket is 18 inches wide, which is more than enough for six fillets of fish, and has a spring-like mesh cover to keep food firmly in place during grilling.

The mesh also means the basket is really light and easy to flip over if you need to turn the fish.

The basket is quite flat, but has the advantage that it can be placed on the grill surface with the chamber lid closed. This way, YOU can make good use of the smoldering sauces and juices on the grill while you  cook over slow, low heat.

The grid makes the basket a bit more difficult to clean, as it is not uncommon for pieces of meat to get stuck in it. This can happen even if you use spray oil to prevent sticking.

Also, a minor point is that the mesh doesn’t create those iconic grill marks we all love about grilled food. It’s not a big deal, but it’s worth mentioning if it’s important to you.

The grill has no handles, so it should be handled carefully with grilling gloves .

Final verdict

The Weber Original Grill Basket is great for smoking and grilling and is one of the largest we’ve ever used. It’s light and strong, but its steel mesh can be difficult to clean.

  • Fits Weber Q 300 and larger gas grills, 18-1/2 inch and larger charcoal grills
  • flexible wire design
  • Ideal for grilling delicate foods

Charcoal Companion Rectangle Flexi Grilling Basket


Charcoal Companion

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The Charcoal Companion range has produced an excellent fish basket that is just as useful on the go as it is for cooking at home.

The basket is made of stainless steel mesh , which protects the basket from rust in the long term. So is cleaning and wiping down after each use, even if you’re just using soap and a bristle brush.

At 14 inches wide, it’s big enough to hold about four medium-sized fish fillets, or two larger pieces if you’re a little greedy.

Its spiral spring mechanism creates a hinge on one side and offers about 2.5 cm of play when open. That’s enough to smoke a whole trout, so it’s safe to say this basket has the capacity most people are dying for.

The basket then has a sliding metal loop on its opening side that you can use to close it while cooking.

Sometimes the simplest mechanics are the best.

  • Flexi head adjusts to hold different sizes of food in place
  • The rosewood handle has an eyelet for hanging
  • Use on charcoal, gas or electric grills.

SMAID Professional-Grade


smaid per vegetable basket on the grill surface

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This wok-style vegetable basket works a little differently as it doesn’t have a lid or closable side. Instead, this is more of a rectangular damage that you can stack food on top of. It then has holes in its sides to help drain any runoff that rises to the surface while grilling.

This design holds vegetables much more efficiently and prevents them from falling into the flames. At 13 inches wide, it’s a little narrower than some of the other options on this list, but it offers a lot more depth, allowing you to stack a lot more veg on it.

This extra depth and volume allows extra juice to sit in your container, allowing your food to cook in its own juice.

I probably don’t need to say how amazing this style of cooking will turn your taste buds.

  • BEST GRILLING BASKET – Grilling basket is ideal for grilling small dishes such as onions, mushrooms,…
  • EASY TO CARRY: Raised edges keep food securely inside the cover. The handles allow…
  • SIMPLE OPERATION – The curved handles make it easier to carry the grill basket, plus…

Weber Style 6434 Professional Quality


Weber deluxe grill basket for grilling on grills

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This vegetable basket shows that Weber knows what he’s doing beyond the grill.

It quickly acts like a bowl and a pan. Its stainless steel construction makes it extremely heat efficient and corrosion resistant as well as easy to clean.

Its damage-like shape ensures smaller cut and diced veggies are held securely while smoke flavors penetrate and flames can brown veggies.

  • Weber style vegetable grill basket
  • The right tool for grilling vegetables that would otherwise fall through the grill.
  • Made of stainless steel

Charcoal Companion Non-Stick Rectangle Grilling Basket


Rectangular charcoal grilling basket with non-stick coating and rosewood handle

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This Charcoal Companion basket is perfectly designed for camping but also perfect for use at home.

Its box has a non-stick coating that ensures that nothing sticks to the cooking surface. This also significantly protects cleaning after use.

It is long rosewood handle as handle, for more comfortable daily use.

I love how easy this thing is to use. Just remove the top half to load the thing and then you can adjust the adjustable handles to suit the food you’re cooking. If you need more capacity, the basket can be adjusted to take up to a few inches of vertical space.

However, one downside that I found a bit difficult to understand what that one end of the basket appears to be higher than the other. Maybe it’s just a small quirk of manufacture, but I can see that this could lead to uneven cooking, which would defeat the purpose of using a basket. 

What we like

  • It is a non-stick coating that helps with cleaning.
  • Handles food up to 2 inches thick.

What we don’t like

  • You just have to wash your hands.
  • By design, one side is always closer to the grill than the other.
  • Heavy metal with non-stick coating.
  • rosewood handle
  • It adapts to the thickness of the food.

WolfWise 430 Stainless Steel


Wolfwise Basket Cooking Chicken Spatchcock

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If you’re looking for something with a little more volume, then this basket from WolfWise might be just what you need. At 2.5 inches tall, it’s designed to accept more horrid cuts of meat than its contemporaries.

Not only that, but also more sophisticated foods like corn on the cob or even lobster tails.

Its top basket can be adjusted to three different preset heights, allowing you to hold smaller cuts of meat or accommodate larger ones as you see fit. Its largest configuration is large enough to hold monster cuts such as spatchcock smoked chicken.

I like the detachable handle that YOU can clip on and off as needed. This is an excellent safety feature as it means your handle can stay cool while the contents of your basket cook.

Recently I ran into a problem here. The locking mechanism can be a bit stubborn and difficult to operate without touching the basket.

It is made of 430 stainless steel and is therefore dishwasher safe. Perfect for someone who struggles with stacks of plates like me.

What we like

  • Professional grade 430 stainless steel for excellent durability
  • dishwasher safe
  • The deepest lockable basket
  • A detachable handle adds versatility. Can be used in a small grill or smoker.

What we don’t like

  • There is a chance your food will get lost if the handle is not positioned correctly
  • Stainless steel sticks no matter how much cooking spray you use
  • The lock is not as secure as it could be.
  • Premium Construction: Professional grade 430 stainless steel for durable use and…
  • Folding handle and grid space: The practical folding handle makes storage and transport easier. The grid…
  • Large grilling area: The grill basket offers a generous grilling area of ​​​​12.6 x 8.5 x…

Fish cooked in grill baskets

Timing is everything when grilling. Losing track not only means your food will be served at different times, it can also affect the quality of the food itself.

Grill baskets have become the ace up the grill master’s sleeve.

By allowing you to cook side dishes in bulk, this handy grilling accessory helps you worry about one less thing while you’re toiling on the grill.

Here’s everything you need to know to make the right choice.

What exactly is a grill basket?

Generally speaking, grill baskets fall into one of two categories.

One is a mesh cage that works quickly like braces. It can usually hold about half a dozen pieces of fish, chicken, or vegetables. It has a handle on one end that allows you to easily flip or maneuver it.

The other is a tattooed basket, often referred to as a grill wok. These stainless steel baskets hold food like any deep bowl. These tend to hold more food at once, but don’t allow for the same heat exposure as cages.

Cages offer better direct heat exposure, making them ideal for grilling meat. Any excess oil or juices can drain from the meat as it cooks, which can help ensure only the good remains.

Bowls, on the other hand, can cook food in liquid, which can add extra flavor to boring vegetables.

Each of these types has slightly different uses, but may provide the same function in the specified die. Both are designed to help save time by cooking more food in batches and keeping everything organized.

Before cooking, place the fish and lemon in the grill basket and place on the grill surface

Grill Basket Advantage

Think of a grill basket as an extension of your own hands. This means that it helps prevent clutter while reducing the risk of burning dying hands.

The best grilling baskets are sturdy and hold a decent portion for four to six people. This helps keep things organized and allows you to cook in batches.

But the benefits go far beyond simple practicality. It also helps what is most important to us:  taste.

The rim of the cage helps keep ingredients from charring and browning, while the bowl-shaped baskets can hold sauces and juices to really enhance the flavor of the food.

Cage baskets can also be used over a grill or simply baked over an open flame, making them extremely versatile and inexpensive.

They are also very easy to use. With all your groceries in one basket, you can easily turn it over with your basket handle. That means you don’t have to go through the tedious process of converting each ingredient individually.

What characteristics of the basket must be taken into account

Personal preferences may vary, but there are a few criteria that should always apply when choosing a grill cage or basket. Look for these signs of a good, solid item worth investing in.

Stainless steel material

It goes without saying that a good grill basket must be able to withstand the high temperatures of your grill. Also, pay close attention to the material of construction and make sure you choose something made of thick, durable metal.

In addition, you make sure your basket has a non-toxic coating.

Medium sized holes

This might sound strange, but there’s a fine line between gaps that allow good airflow through food and holes that are simply food traps.

Look for baskets with holes that will get the job done without food falling into the flames.

As an aside, pay attention to the texture of the material around the gaps. Stay away from material that is too coarse as you risk scratching or damaging your food.

Are you going?

If you are looking for a basket for dishes, then I recommend choosing something with handles. This protects your hands from touching hot metal and is just a more ergonomic way of handling kitchen appliances.

What can be prepared with a grill basket?

One of the best things about grill baskets is their flexibility. You can add a variety of different toppings as long as they all pass!


Mesh cage baskets are great for chickens because you can turn them regularly until they’re done while still giving them a nice charred finish on both sides.


Likewise, fish is a good choice for this type of basket. Fish is notorious for falling apart on the grill as it loses moisture, but the baskets reduce the chances of that happening. They stay attached and held while cooking. Using them has transformed my grilled fish tacos .


Satay skewers or skewers are always a favorite on the grill and are quite easy to recreate in a grill basket.

Unlike a grill, where you run the risk of sticking or burning, storing it in a mesh cage can help reduce risk.


Yes, you didn’t read wrong. Burgers are also great in a basket.

When you have a large batch of burgers to work with, using a basket can help you get everything done at once.

YOU should be able to get between four and six burgers in a basket at a time. Perfect for grilling sliders in one go instead of jiggling them.

Just make sure the patties are the same size and thickness so they all take the same amount of time on the grill.

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