Weber iGrill 3 [REVIEW & RATED]


How does the Weber iGrill 3 Smart Thermometer compare to your iGrill 2? In our test, they put the popular BBQ sample to the test.

Igrill app temperature pointer

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Bluetooth Smart Grill Thermometers have become firmly established in the grilling world, giving you one less thing to worry about at a big cookout.

One of the most anticipated was Weber’s iGrill series, which is now in its third incarnation after the newly acquired iGrill 2.

  • Care instructions: Wipe clean with a lint-free cloth and non-abrasive detergent. Never dive into…

And with more and more recently launched Weber grills hitting the market, one might wonder if it’s worth upgrading to the iGrill 3, or is it just a big fad?

Smoking or grilling is all about temperature control, and any grill that’s hit rocks and gone downhill is mostly due to sudden spikes in heat or cold.

So the idea of ​​wireless temperature readers doing some of the temperature monitoring work is welcome.

But how does it work in practice?

Igrill iPhone app

What is Weber iGrill 3?

The iGrill has 2 temperature probes but can hold 4 if you have the extra parts.

This is then synced with your iGrill app on your smartphone, which has a range of alarms, alerts, recipes and even a built-in indicator if you run out of fuel.

Easily mounts to all Genesis II grills, including SE and LX models.

iGrill 3 Features

This fantastic probe has robust Bluetooth functionality that allows YOU to keep your grill’s temperature within a range of about 150 feet.

Everything is relative, but for me that’s more than enough to be able to go home for a long time.

The four probes can be used simultaneously to measure multiple cuts of meat at the same time along with the grilling surface. Waterproof probes are color coded for ease of use. You know exactly what is for the meat and what is for the top of the grill.

For anyone embracing the technological revolution, there’s a companion iOS and Android app to help you connect it to your phone. Through the app, YOU can monitor temperatures and make your desired settings to get the most out of your grilling experience.

Its battery lasts up to an incredible 200 hours and is heat resistant up to an amazing 716°F. This is more than enough for the vast majority of grilling applications.

Weber igrill 3 and meat probes

Weber iGrill 2 vs iGrill 3: What Has Changed?

The iGrill 2 convinced many grill fans and, according to Weber, was largely compatible with every grill.

is missing, this is not the case with the iGrill 3. Instead, it’s only compatible with Weber’s newer Spirit range of grills, as well as their Genesis range.

These grills come with an iGrill and Bluetooth mount already installed. So if you have one of these grills, getting the iGrill 3 is a no-brainer.

But for fans who can use the iGrill 2 on their non-Weber grill, this is a kick in the teeth.

It can arguably be installed on any grill, but it required some modification work on your part, which I really wouldn’t recommend.

Has anything stayed the same? The number of probes remains at four, with two included with the purchase of the iGrill. You can also get ambient probes to monitor the ambient temperature of your cookbox.

iGrill Bluetooth connector mounted on Grill Genesis

How to Install the Weber iGrill 3

As long as you have a Weber Genesis Series grill , setup is really easy.

Find the iGrill 3 plate on your grill’s control panel and remove it along with the fuel gauge. Instead, add the magnet and insert the mount so that it WILL pass through the bottom of your grill and onto the grilling surface.

Obtain 3 new AA batteries and place them in the iGrill battery compartment before attaching the battery compartment to the grill. Connect the battery box to the iGrill 3.

Place the iGrill 3 on the mount and secure all cables with the included cable retention clip.

Download the iGrill app to your iOS or Android device. Pair it with the iGrill Bluetooth and you’re good to go.

weber igrill app for ios

The Weber iGrill 3 App

The iGrill 3 pairs with iPhone and Android devices, but unfortunately Weber has been slow to announce a Windows version of the thermometer app.

The app has a variety of built-in features to help YOU get the most out of your grill.

It has target temperatures inside and alarms so you can grill.

  • Care instructions: Wipe clean with a lint-free cloth and non-abrasive detergent. Never dive into…

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